1948 Bowman Card Insert Sleeves

There are numerous sizes of trading cards classified as “minis”. These are any cards smaller than traditional 2½” x 3½” cards. When protecting and storing mini cards, collectors are challenged since minis do not conform to the traditional sizes of sleeves, holders, pages, and boxes.

BCW card insert sleeves solve this problem by centering the cards in 2½” x 3½” sleeves. A “U” shaped weld in a strong 4 mil polypropylene sleeve holds the card in place and allows the collector to place the smaller card in a standard holder, page, or box of their choice.

BCW recently introduced Tobacco Card Insert Sleeves for those popular mini cards (see New Tobacco Card Insert Sleeves). Now BCW offers ’48 Bowman Card Insert Sleeves. These cards are 2116” wide x 2½” tall. Cards slightly smaller in width also fit fine. Most cards a little taller than ’48 Bowmans still fit inside the sleeves as seen with some of the examples below.

1948 Bowman Card Insert Sleeves

1948 Bowman Card Insert Sleeves

Collectors – what other sizes of of insert sleeves are needed for mini cards beyond the tobacco cards and ’48 Bowmans? Please comment below.

2 thoughts on “1948 Bowman Card Insert Sleeves

  1. I would love to see a soft sleeve sized (and labeled!) to fit the 1975 topps mini sized cards that will fit in a 9-pocket mini sized page. I have found a “European Wargamer” sized sleeve that works but they are hard to find, in short supply, expensive, and I never remember the metric sizing when I want to order more!

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