Join the BCW Supplies’ Group in the 2017 Bracket Manager

Thank you to everyone that participated in our brackets group. We had 299 brackets submitted. Congratulations to our winners, listed below by their prize.

Join the BCW Supplies group in the 2017 CBS Sports Bracket Manager! You need to create a account in order to participate. This CBS Sports system requires you to get an email invitation from me to join the BCW Supplies group. To enter, send a quick email to and simply write “Brackets” in the email subject line. Then I’ll send you an invitation through the CBS system. When you receive the email from CBS Sports, click on the join league link. This works better if you have already created a account.

After the brackets are posted, make your game predictions before the tourney starts, and enjoy the games. After the tournament, the prizes below will be awarded to the four highest points leaders.

Big O

1st Place Prize

FIRST PLACE PRIZE – One Oscar Robertson autographed card (2016 Panini National Treasures Collegiate, University of Cincinnati, No. 71), one pack BCW Thick Card Sleeves, one pack 108 pt. Topload Card Holders, one Shoe Box, one box Monster Pads, and one pack Tall Card Dividers.

FIRST PLACE WINNER – Sport Card Collector. He tied Jason McNeil on points, but won the tiebreaker (closest to the combined score in the final).

2nd Place Prize

SECOND PLACE PRIZE – One Denzel Valentine autographed card (2016 Panini Black Gold, Michigan State, No. 176, 78/99), one Justise Winslow patch card (2016 Panini Black Gold, Duke University, No. 15, 9/25), one pack BCW Thick Card Sleeves, and one box 138 pt. Topload Card Holders.

SECOND PLACE WINNER – J.M. did not claim the prize, so the 5th place winner, Mike McMannis, received the prize.

3rd Place Price

THIRD PLACE PRIZE – One Jordan Farmar patch card (2016 Panini National Treasures Collegiate, UCLA, No. 51, 5/5), one Myles Turner autographed card (2016 Panini National Treasures Collegiate, The University of Texas, No. 90, 10/10), and one box (16 holders) BCW 100 pt. Magnetic Card Holders.


4th Place Prize

FOURTH PLACE PRIZE – One Damian Jones booklet patch card (2016 Panini National Treasures Collegiate, Vanderbilt University, No. 30, 2/25), one pack BCW Horizontal Booklet Card Sleeves, one pack Booklet Card Toploaders, and one pack Booklet Card Holder Bags.


See the 2017 BCW Supplies Basketball Brackets Contest Official Rules for complete details about the group prizes.

5 thoughts on “Join the BCW Supplies’ Group in the 2017 Bracket Manager

  1. Why do you guys and everybody else who holds contest make it difficult for an average person to win something I don’t think it’s right you have to join or be a member! I don’t think it’s fair I buy a lot of baseball cards and got one heck of a collection so much money involved in it I can’t even count but I go to different sites and you guys make it so difficult for everybody to try to win something without joining and a member or buying something from you you and a couple of other advertiser’s you guys are the same have to be a member or join! Sincerely Robert remind myself every time I go shopping for baseball card top loaders or sleeves or anything like that not to bye your products!

    • We try to keep entry as simple as possible. For the Brackets Manager, we are using the CBS Sports system, and an email invitation is required by their system. Thanks, Ted

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