Protecting a LaserDisc Collection

LaserDiscs were introduced to consumers in 1978. Although these disks are capable of higher-quality audio and video as compared to video tapes, they lost the popularity contest to the VHS tape format during the ’80s. However, some videophiles with collections from that era prize their LaserDisc collection.

LaserDiscs are the same size as 33 rpm records. As the data on LaserDiscs is not as compressed as the later DVD or Blue-ray formats, the LaserDiscs were often multiple 12” disks. This means LaserDiscs sometimes had gatefold jackets, similar to double LP records. This allows LaserDiscs jackets to have ample room for beautiful artwork from the movie.

As LaserDiscs are the same size as 33 rpm records, it’s easy to get supplies when you’re ready to protect and store your collection. See all of BCW’s Record Supplies to find outer jacket sleeves and inner sleeves to protect your LaserDiscs.

Don’t get LaserDiscs confused with VideoDiscs. LaserDiscs look like large DVDs. VideoDiscs are enclosed in a thin cartridge. VideoDiscs are larger than LaserDiscs and will not fit in 33 rpm record supplies.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Collectors

BCW offers hundreds of affordable products that collectors will appreciate as a gift. Find the hobby of your friend or family member to see a few gift ideas:

Comic Supplies Combo Pack

Gift Ideas for Comic Collectors

  1. Comic Supplies Combo Pack
  2. Comic Collector Starter Kit
  3. Printed Comic Boxes
  4. Comic Book Stor-Folio
  5. Stor-Folio with 10 Comics
  6. Comic Book Showcases
  7. More Comic Book Supplies
Trading Card Combo Pack

Trading Card Combo Pack

Gift Ideas for Sports Card Collectors

  1. Trading Cards Combo Pack
  2. Trading Card Starter Kit
  3. Card Sleeves and Toploaders
  4. Magnetic Card Holders
  5. Pages and Albums
  6. More Trading Card Supplies
BCW Card Gaming Combo Pack

BCW Card Gaming Combo Pack

Gift Ideas for Card Gamers

  1. Gaming Card Combo Pack
  2. Deck Guards
  3. Deck Lockers
  4. 12-Pocket Z-Folios
  5. 9-Pocket Z-Folio LT
  6. More Gaming Card Supplies
33 RPM Record Sleeves, Dividers, and Storage Box

Record Sleeves, Dividers, and Boxes

Gift Ideas for Record Collectors

  1. 33 RPM Record Boxes
  2. 33 RPM Record Sleeves
  3. 33 RPM Record Dividers
  4. 45 RPM Record Boxes
  5. 45 RPM Record Sleeves
  6. More Record Supplies
Coin Collector Starter Kit

Coin Collector Starter Kit

Gift Ideas for Coin and Currency Collectors

  1. Coin Collector Starter Kit
  2. More Coin Supplies
  3. Currency Supplies
Baseball Cubes

Baseball Cubes

Gift Ideas for Sports Memorabilia Collectors

  1. Baseball Display Cases
  2. Basketball Display Cases
  3. Football Display Cases
  4. Jersey Display Cases
  5. Helmet Display Cases
  6. Hockey Puck Cases
  7. Soccer Ball Display Cases
  8. Other Display Cases

Holiday Discount for Hobby Shops

Get Your Hobby Shop Ready for the Holidays with BCW Supplies!

BCW wholesale accounts receive 10% OFF all orders of $500 or more
when they order at and enter promo code Holidays at checkout.*

*Promotion code is valid through Monday, October 24th, 2016 for wholesale orders at 10% savings is valid for in-stock items only (backorders will be at the regular price). Discount does not apply to shipping charges.


Hobby shops are welcome to apply for a BCW wholesale account to get the selection, pricing, and shipping services needed for a profitable business, and then get their orders directly from BCW Supplies. Shops can apply for a wholesale account here. Shops can also contact their distributors to request BCW products (although the distributors are not obligated to honor our holiday discount). See BCW’s list of distributors.


Recommended Receiving Procedure for BCW Wholesale Customers

When BCW wholesale customers place a sizeable order, their products are normally shipped on a pallet by a freight company. We call this LTL (Less Than Truckload) as the freight truck likely has many pallets for various pick-ups and deliveries at any given time. BCW’s Shipping Department works hard to prepare these LTL orders to make sure they arrive to their destination safely. We also work closely with the freight companies to make sure they are handling these pallets professionally. From time-to-time, mistakes are made by the BCW staff, or our freight delivery partners. We want to correct these issues as quick as possible so your business gets the products you need, or your BCW account is credited accordingly. Assistance from our wholesale partners is essential to help us correct these issues.

When receiving freight shipments, your signature on the delivering carrier’s Bill of Lading (BOL) constitutes acceptance of the merchandise “as is”. If you do not inspect the shipment before signing, or note the BOL “Subject to count and inspection”, you may be waiving our mutual right to collect on a loss or damage claim. Remember, once you sign, the product and the responsibility are yours.


Inspect, examine and count your delivery as it is unloaded.

  1. Any and all shortages or damaged items must be written down on the BOL. Note the item(s) that are visibly damaged or missing on the BOL before you sign it.
  2. Open cartons if there is the slightest doubt that the merchandise could be damaged. Any damaged or missing product must be noted on the BOL at the time of delivery or your claim may be denied.
  3. Do not be intimidated by the driver. The driver cannot leave until the BOL is signed (regardless of how much of a hurry they are in, etc.). If the driver is unwilling to wait while you inspect the shipment, always sign “Subject to count and inspection.”


When damage to, or loss of, contents of a shipment is discovered at time of delivery you must immediately;

  1. Document the shortage and/or photograph the damage and note the shortage and/or damage on the BOL.
  2. Call your BCW representative to report the problem. Then, e-mail the photos, a copy of the signed BOL, and any other documentation to If we prepaid the freight with the carrier, we will begin the damage claim.


When damage to, or loss of, contents of a shipment is discovered that could not have been determined at time of delivery you must immediately;

  1. Document and photograph the packaging and the damage. You must keep the packaging until told by BCW or the delivering carrier to return or dispose of the item(s).
  2. Call your BCW representative to report the problem. Then, e-mail the photos, a copy of the BOL, and any other documentation to If we prepaid the freight with the carrier, we will begin the concealed damage claim.

Remember, at this point, you’ve signed the BOL free and clear, or possibly “Subject to count and inspection.” So, the sooner you can inspect the goods and report any concealed damage or missing product, the better the chances of collecting on the claim. In accordance with National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) regulations, concealed damage claims must be reported to the carrier within five calendar days of the date of delivery.


  1. Take photographs of the damaged goods while still on the carrier’s truck if obvious mis-handling is evident.
  2. Call your BCW representative immediately, preferably with the driver still present.
  3. Be sure to keep a copy of the BOL noting the damage and/or shortage with the driver’s signature.

There are many things that can happen to shipments between the time they leave our facility and arrive at your store. Therefore we are asking you to do a small, but critically important amount of work to protect us both. The BOL is our only documentation of the condition of a shipment when it arrives at your place of business. Without this proof, we cannot effectively hold carriers accountable for damaged or missing items.

2016 BCW Warehouse Sale

Save on your hobby supplies during the BCW Warehouse Sale!

Thursday, July 14, 9:00am – 4:00pm, and
Friday, July 15, 9:00am – 4:00pm

GET 10% OFF your BCW purchase when you order on by Tuesday, July 12th and then follow this pick up procedure. During the checkout process, use promo code PICKUP and select “I prefer to pick up my items at BCW” in the Shipping Calculation box*. Then pick up your order at the BCW Supplies headquarters on Thursday, July 14th or Friday, July 15th between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. BCW is located at 514 E. 31st St., Anderson, Indiana (map). Please go to the front door, under the black awning.

*In order to select the “pick up” shipping option, online customers must be signed-in to their BCW account. If you’re a retail customer and do not have a BCW account yet, you can register as a new customer during the checkout process, and then select “I prefer to pick up my items at BCW.” Sale price valid for in-stock inventory only (all backorders will be at the regular published prices).

BCW Supplies, Anderson, IN

Can’t attend those days? BCW offers free shipping on retail orders of $80 or more and for wholesale orders of $1,000 or more (restrictions apply). Sorry, the 10% discount is only available on pick-up orders during our Warehouse Sale.

BCW Distributors Supporting Hobby Shops

Hobby shops are welcome to apply for a BCW wholesale account to get the selection, pricing, and shipping services needed for a profitable business, and then get their order directly from BCW Supplies. Shops can apply for a wholesale account here. However, most shops are served by one or more industry distributors to acquire their inventory. These distributors are sometimes capable of offering a better price or more convenient delivery services.

Hobby shops can contact the distributors listed below to get BCW products. Some distributors carry a majority of BCW products, while others only offer products specific to their customers’ needs. Nonetheless, all BCW products are available to these distributors, so you can request your needs from them.

US Distributors
ACD Distribution Fresno, CA 559-276-7290
ACD Distribution Middleton, WI 608-203-9900
ACD Distribution Harrisburg, PA 717-724-1474
AJ’s Hot Wax Rocklin, CA 916-871-8207
Charles Abar Central Point, OR 650-219-4951
Card Stadium Harrisburg, PA 717-234-0655
Gary Hoerth Chilton, WI 920-464-1313
Gold River Distributors Rocklin, CA 800-493-2306
GTS Distribution Hauppauge, NY 888-333-9500
GTS Distribution Hazelwood, MO 888-333-9500
GTS Distribution Tempe, AZ 888-323-1800
GTS Distribution Smyrna, GA 888-333-9500
GTS Distribution Woburn, MA 888-333-9500
GTS Distribution Honolulu, HI 808-841-0265
GTS Distribution Kentwood, MI 800-940-0934
GTS Distribution San Jose, CA 800-255-5440
GTS Distribution Jacksonville, FL 888-333-9500
GTS Distribution Orange, CA 800-880-4447
GTS Distribution Everett, WA 800-890-5456
Hamp’s Supply Dallas, TX 214-553-5545
Hobbies Depot Hammonton, NJ 877-284-8446
Hobbymaster Anoka, MN 763-576-3931
Hooked On Cards North Ridgeville, OH 440-353-3633
Peachstate Hobby Distribution Chicago, IL 888-517-1283
Peachstate Hobby Distribution Dallas, TX 885-743-4325
Peachstate Hobby Distribution Longwood, FL 877-743-4263
Peachstate Hobby Distribution Piscataway, NJ 888-657-1802
Peachstate Hobby Distribution Sante Fe Springs, CA 855-637-4263
Peachstate Hobby Distribution Suwanee, GA 888-756-2607
Thebaseballcardking! Shorewood, IL 815-609-7777
Australia / New Zealand
VR Distribution Adelaide +61 (0)8 8234 1355
Coqui Hobby Distribution São Paulo
Dynamic Distribution Calgary, AB 403-291-9331
Grosnor Distribution Brampton, ON 800-268-9066
Black Faerie Santiago
Olaf Friese Cards & Supplies Cologne 0049-221989360
Collectia AB Knäred 0430-50743
643 Double Play Collectables Buckinghamshire 44-1480-450006


BCW Wholesale Sample Kits & Bulk Boxes

To assist hobby shops with their supplies needs, BCW offers several values that are only available to wholesale accounts. If you manage a hobby shop or you’re an online retailer and you need a BCW wholesale account, you can apply here. Once approved, the pricing and free shipping information on will adjust to wholesale levels when you sign-in to your account.

Sign-in to your BCW wholesale account to view the pricing for these kits:

Mixed Case of Deck Guards

Mixed Case of Deck Guards (5 colors)

BCW Free Shipping with a $1,000 Wholesale Order

free_shipping_DP_ForLess_2016-300BBCW wholesale customers get free shipping on orders of $1,000 or more when their products are delivered to a single commercial address in the 48 contiguous United States (Canadian options). See below for details.

This free shipping offer is only valid for BCW wholesale accounts. Retailers can apply for a wholesale account here.

How do BCW Wholesale Accounts take advantage of Free Shipping?

  1. Add products totaling $1,000 or more to your Shopping Cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. Ship your items to a single commercial address in the 48 contiguous United States (Canadian options).
  3. Select Super Saver (SSS Ground Free!) as your shipping method.

FREE SHIPPING Terms & Conditions for BCW Wholesale Customers:

  • Orders must be made of at least $1,000 worth of in-stock items to be eligible for Free Shipping.
  • Free Shipping applies only to commercial delivery addresses in the contiguous 48 United States, the District of Columbia, and select Canadian locations. Details for Canadian wholesale customers.
  • BCW will provide lift gate service at no charge. Any additional accessorial charges incurred in the delivery of a freight shipment will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Free Shipping is not valid to residential addresses, convention centers, schools, or hotels. Other restrictions may apply.
  • Free Shipping does not include Guaranteed Delivery, Holiday Delivery, Weekend Delivery, or Inside Delivery Services.
  • Free Shipping is not valid for C.O.D. shipments.
  • Free Shipping may not be used in conjunction with any coupon codes.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Booksh, BCW Wholesale Account Manager.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Collectors

All collectors need supplies to keep their favorite items safe and would appreciate supplies as a gift. If your friend or family member is a collector in one of the hobbies listed below, you can’t go wrong with these affordable gift ideas:

BCW Card Toploaders, Magnetics, and Baseball Cube

BCW card toploaders, magnetics, and a baseball cube

Sports Cards & Memorabilia Collecting

A pack of card sleeves for standard cards and another pack of sleeves for thicker cards are essential for sports card collectors. Toploading card holders for standard and thick cards are also popular. Magnetic card holders are great for special cards. If you know the collector keeps cards in 3-ring binders, try some BCW 9-Pocket Pages. If you’re looking to introduce a child to this hobby, try a BCW Sports Card Collector Starter Kit. If this person is a seasoned veteran with a large collection, BCW card boxes are a nice gift.

BCW Comic Book Frame, Comic Book Showcase, and Comic Book “Pow” Box

BCW Comic Book Frame, Comic Book Showcase, and Comic Book “Pow” Box

Comic Collecting

Comic Book Bags and Boards are the traditional way to protect comics. Select a pack of BCW Premade Bags & Boards and a BCW Stor-Folio for a nice combo gift. We also offer a Stor-Folio that includes ten assorted comics. If the recipient has a large comic book collection, a BCW Short Comic Box works well to keep the comics organized and safe. Comic Book Showcases and Comic Book Frames are perfect for displaying comics on a wall. If you are introducing someone to comic book collecting, a BCW Comic Book Starter Kit would be a good choice.

BCW Z-Folio, Deck Lockers, Deck Guards and Pro-Folio

BCW Z-Folio, Deck Lockers, Deck Guards and Pro-Folio

Card Gaming

For gamers playing Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon, or similar games with standard-sized cards, BCW offers several gift options. A BCW Deck Case along with two packs of Deck Guards will complement a deck of gaming cards. If the recipient collects or trades valuable gaming cards, a BCW Folio may make a better gift choice.

Coin & Currency Collecting

For coin and currency collectors, a BCW 3-Ring Binder along with some archival-safe pages for bills and coins makes a nice gift. For someone new to this hobby, a BCW Coin Collector Starter Kit is a good choice.

Record Collecting

If your friend or family member collects music records, BCW 33RPM and 45RPM boxes are nice for organizing and protecting the records. New record sleeves, jackets, and toploaders would be appreciated by these collectors. See all BCW record supplies.

Postcard Collecting

Collectors of postcards may prefer to store their postcards in protective sleeves and placed in boxes or they may prefer to use 3-ring binders and protective pages. See all BCW postcard supplies.

Happy holidays from BCW Supplies!