BCW Wholesale Sample Kits & Bulk Boxes

To assist hobby shops with their supplies needs, BCW offers several values that are only available to wholesale accounts. If you manage a hobby shop or you’re an online retailer and you need a BCW wholesale account, you can apply here. Once approved, the pricing and free shipping information on www.bcwsupplies.com will adjust to wholesale levels when you sign-in to your account.

Sign-in to your BCW wholesale account to view the pricing for these kits:

Mixed Case of Deck Guards

Mixed Case of Deck Guards (5 colors)

BCW Free Shipping with a $1,000 Wholesale Order

free_shipping_DP_ForLess_2016-300BBCW wholesale customers get free shipping on orders of $1,000 or more when their products are delivered to a single commercial address in the 48 contiguous United States (Canadian options). See below for details.

This free shipping offer is only valid for BCW wholesale accounts. Retailers can apply for a wholesale account here.

How do BCW Wholesale Accounts take advantage of Free Shipping?

  1. Add products totaling $1,000 or more to your Shopping Cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. Ship your items to a single commercial address in the 48 contiguous United States (Canadian options).
  3. Select Super Saver (SSS Ground Free!) as your shipping method.

FREE SHIPPING Terms & Conditions for BCW Wholesale Customers:

  • Orders must be made of at least $1,000 worth of in-stock items to be eligible for Free Shipping.
  • Free Shipping applies only to commercial delivery addresses in the contiguous 48 United States, the District of Columbia, and select Canadian locations. Details for Canadian wholesale customers.
  • BCW will provide lift gate service at no charge. Any additional accessorial charges incurred in the delivery of a freight shipment will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Free Shipping is not valid to residential addresses, convention centers, schools, or hotels. Other restrictions may apply.
  • Free Shipping does not include Guaranteed Delivery, Holiday Delivery, Weekend Delivery, or Inside Delivery Services.
  • Free Shipping is not valid for C.O.D. shipments.
  • Free Shipping may not be used in conjunction with any coupon codes.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Booksh, BCW Wholesale Account Manager.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Collectors

All collectors need supplies to keep their favorite items safe and would appreciate supplies as a gift. If your friend or family member is a collector in one of the hobbies listed below, you can’t go wrong with these affordable gift ideas:

BCW Card Toploaders, Magnetics, and Baseball Cube

BCW card toploaders, magnetics, and a baseball cube

Sports Cards & Memorabilia Collecting

A pack of card sleeves for standard cards and another pack of sleeves for thicker cards are essential for sports card collectors. Toploading card holders for standard and thick cards are also popular. Magnetic card holders are great for special cards. If you know the collector keeps cards in 3-ring binders, try some BCW 9-Pocket Pages. If you’re looking to introduce a child to this hobby, try a BCW Sports Card Collector Starter Kit. If this person is a seasoned veteran with a large collection, BCW card boxes are a nice gift.

BCW Comic Book Frame, Comic Book Showcase, and Comic Book “Pow” Box

BCW Comic Book Frame, Comic Book Showcase, and Comic Book “Pow” Box

Comic Collecting

Comic Book Bags and Boards are the traditional way to protect comics. Select a pack of BCW Premade Bags & Boards and a BCW Stor-Folio for a nice combo gift. We also offer a Stor-Folio that includes ten assorted comics. If the recipient has a large comic book collection, a BCW Short Comic Box works well to keep the comics organized and safe. Comic Book Showcases and Comic Book Frames are perfect for displaying comics on a wall. If you are introducing someone to comic book collecting, a BCW Comic Book Starter Kit would be a good choice.

BCW Z-Folio, Deck Lockers, Deck Guards and Pro-Folio

BCW Z-Folio, Deck Lockers, Deck Guards and Pro-Folio

Card Gaming

For gamers playing Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon, or similar games with standard-sized cards, BCW offers several gift options. A BCW Deck Case along with two packs of Deck Guards will complement a deck of gaming cards. If the recipient collects or trades valuable gaming cards, a BCW Folio may make a better gift choice.

Coin & Currency Collecting

For coin and currency collectors, a BCW 3-Ring Binder along with some archival-safe pages for bills and coins makes a nice gift. For someone new to this hobby, a BCW Coin Collector Starter Kit is a good choice.

Record Collecting

If your friend or family member collects music records, BCW 33RPM and 45RPM boxes are nice for organizing and protecting the records. New record sleeves, jackets, and toploaders would be appreciated by these collectors. See all BCW record supplies.

Postcard Collecting

Collectors of postcards may prefer to store their postcards in protective sleeves and placed in boxes or they may prefer to use 3-ring binders and protective pages. See all BCW postcard supplies.

Happy holidays from BCW Supplies!


Dimensional Weight Shipping

Traditionally, shipping companies established delivery costs based on the weight of a package – the heavier the package, the more the shipping expense. However large packages that are lightweight are not profitable to the shipping companies since these light packages earn very little money while they take-up a lot of space in a truck. Hence a lot of fuel is spent to deliver fewer packages.

By January 1st, 2015, both UPS Ground and FedEx Ground will be charging for shipping based on billable weight. This includes shipments originating from BCW Supplies. There are two factors that determine the billable weight. The first is the weight of the package. The second factor is the package’s dimensional weight. The dimensional weight is the package’s density – how much it weighs for its height, length and depth. The shipping company then compares the package’s overall weight and the dimensional weight. Whichever value is greater is the package’s billable weight.

Getting an accurate weight and dimension of BCW packages is key to efficient shipping.

Recording an accurate weight and dimensions of packages is key to efficient shipping.

These changes are expected to impact the shipping costs of BCW products. For example, a box of 200 unfolded BCW trading card boxes (1-BX-660) is lightweight (43.1-lbs.), yet has a relatively large size (5.16 cubic feet). The old shipping cost was based on the package’s overall weight, but the cost for the dimensional weight is greater. Therefore the billable weight for this example has increased.

In general, consumers will see shipping costs increase for large, yet lightweight goods. Smart hobby supply distributors and retailers will be able to use this change to their advantage. Because it will be more expensive for consumers to buy goods online, consumers will turn to their local hobby shop to purchase their hobby supplies.

For consumers ordering at www.bcwsupplies.com, users can select their delivery method and see the shipping costs before checking-out. UPS Ground is our default shipping service based on their cost and reliability to deliver goods on time and undamaged. BCW is constantly evaluating the price of our products, the shipping costs, and the potential delivery methods in order to provide the best products and service at the best price.

For BCW partners utilizing BCW’s Drop Shipping program, they should refer to BCW’s Wholesale Price Sheet (updated 12/1/14) to utilize the most up-to-date dimensional weight data to establish their shipping costs.

From more information regarding shipments from BCW Supplies, please view our Shipping Policy.

NOTE: BCW Distributor and Wholesale Partners should sign-in to their www.bcwsupplies.com account in order to view their relevant Shipping Policy and Price Sheet details.

BCW Box Folding Demos

BCW offers a wide variety of boxes to store your comic books, gaming cards, sports cards, card holders, records, and other media such as video games and dvds. If you have never folded one of these boxes on your own, the first time you fold them can be somewhat confusing. Since there may be some question about the proper way to fold these boxes, we have created videos for each one of our boxes, which includes information about what the boxes store and how to fold them. If you are having trouble folding these boxes or aren’t sure which box you need, check out these videos:

Trading Card Boxes

100 Count Storage Box (1-BX-100)

200 Count Storage Box (1-BX-200)

300 Count Storage Box (1-BX-300)

330 Count Storage Box (1-BX-330)

400 Count Storage Box (1-BX-400)

500 Count Storage Box (1-BX-500)

550 Count Storage Box (1-BX-550)

660 Count Storage Box (1-BX-660)

800 Count Storage Box (1-BX-800)

800 Count Storage Box – 2 Piece (1-BX-802)

930 Count Storage Box (1-BX-930)

Graded Trading Card Box (1-BX-GTCB)

Vault Storage Box (1-BX-VAULT)

Super Vault Storage Box (1-BX-SVAULT)

Shoe Storage Box (1-BX-SHOE)

Graded Shoe Storage Box (1-BX-GSB)

Super Shoe Storage Box (1-BX-SSHOE)

Sorting Tray Storage Box (1-BX-SORT)

3200 Count Storage Box (1-BX-3200)

Monster Storage Box (1-BX-MON)

5000 Count Storage Box (1-BX-5000)

Super Monster Storage Box (1-BX-SMON)

Trading Card Houses

Card House Storage Box (1-BX-HOUSE)

Shoe Box House (1-BX-SHOE-HOUSE)

Comic Book Boxes

Comic Book Shipper (1-BX-FLAT-11X7X1)

Short Comic Storage Box (1-BX-SHORT)

Long Comic Storage Box (1-BX-LONG)

Graded Comic Storage Box (1-BX-GCB)

Comic Book Houses

Short Comic House (1-BX-SHORT-HOUSE)

Long Comic House (1-BX-LONG-HOUSE)

Record Boxes

33 RPM Vinyl Storage Box (1-BX-33RPM-BOX)

45 RPM Vinyl Storage Box (1-BX-45RPM-BOX)

Other Storage Boxes

Media Storage Box (1-BX-MEDIA)

Magazine Storage Box (1-BX-MAGBOX)

Post Card Storage Box (1-BX-PCBOX)

Is Polyester or Polypropylene the Right Choice for my Sleeves and Bags?

We make a simple distinction between bags and sleeves. We define the bags as having a flap that wraps over the top, while the sleeves are open on the top.

In many instances, such as comic bags, you can select bags made from polyester or polypropylene. Which material is best for your needs? There are several factors to consider to make the best choice.

Both polyester or polypropylene are considered archival-safe by the U.S. Library of Congress (learn more). The different chemistry between polyester or polypropylene gives them different attributes as sleeves and bags. BoPET (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) is a polyester film made from stretched PET (polyethylene terephthalate). BoPET is commonly called Mylar, the brand name of BoPET developed by the DuPont company. Polyester is inert and has no plasticizers or other chemicals that will damage collectible documents. Polyester is almost completely impermeable to liquids and gases. Polyester is transparent and does not yellow with age. Polyester film is the material of choice for archiving many of the United States’ most valuable historical documents according to the Library of Congress. Polypropylene is also archival safe, however it is gas permeable.

Polyester sleeves and bags are more rigid than polypropylene counterparts. This gives polyester bags a brilliant, shiny surface. Polyester bags are strong and unlikely to tear, while the flexibility of polypropylene bags may be a better solution for some needs.

If price is a consideration, polypropylene sleeves and bags are more cost effective than those made from polyester (Mylar). This makes polypropylene the popular choice for large collections.

For all of the bags and sleeves offered by BCW Supplies, we clearly define what material is used in its production. The description is found on the product’s respective webpage.

Sleeves and Bags

BCW Protective Pages

BCW Signage for Your Hobby Shop

Hobby shops, like all retail stores, are concerned about using their merchandising space efficiently. Every square foot in your store is important!

When properly merchandised, BCW products are worth space in your shop. As BCW products have a long shelf life, almost 100% of your BCW products will provide a positive return. With POS signs to identify your BCW products, you can move your supplies quicker.

Signage is available for BCW partners upon request and placement of a BCW order.

BCW POS Signage at The Danger Room in Anderson, IN

BCW Window Clings are available upon request.

BCW Window Cling at the Hero House in Indy

If your hobby shop needs some POS signage to support your supplies section, BCW offers a POS sign and window cling. If you want one or both, simple request a sign when placing your next BCW order. If you order your supplies online, you can request signage in the “remarks” field during checkout. If you order BCW products by calling our sales team, simply request signage at that time.

What’s Your Favorite Gatefold Album?

Record covers for 33 RPMs provide a tangible, artistic element to the album that digital music cannot emulate. Gatefold albums, which unfold into two panels, provide an even larger canvas for the band to present its style. Gatefolds were popular starting in the late 1950s and common until the CD revolution in the 1980s.

Gatefold covers were used for double LPs as each cover can hold a record. Therefore concert albums regularly used a gatefold design to allow for the needed double LPs of long recordings. Yet gatefolds were often single albums and the extra cover panel was simply used to print lyrics, band photos and artwork.

Elton John A Single Man, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon

Elton John A Single Man, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon

Some notable gatefold albums include The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s, Bob Dylan Blonde On Blonde, Led Zeppelin IV, Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon, Miles Davis Bitches Brew, U2 The Joshua Tree, and Rush 2112.

Soundtracks Gatefold Double LPs: Superman The Movie, Star Wars, Fame, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Soundtrack Gatefold Double LPs: Superman The Movie, Star Wars, Fame, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Gatefold albums for plays and movie soundtracks were common to accommodate the needed double LPs. These provided lots of space for movie stills and helped create the mood of the movie while listening.


Santana Lotus recorded live in Osaka in 1973 and Walt Disney’s Fantasia from 1957 (1940 movie)

Other albums went beyond simply opening up into two panels. The above Fantasia album had a book format with a page spread for each song of the classic soundtrack. The above Santana Lotus concert recording expanded from a gatefold to reveal multiple artistic panels.

BCW Supplies offers numerous solutions to protect, store and display records. As some collectors prefer to present gatefold albums in an open position, we have added Album Sleeves for Open Gatefolds and Toploading Holders for Open Gatefolds. If collectors prefer to store gatefolds in the traditional closed format, BCW has 7mm Wide Toploading Record Holders that accommodate this size. See all of BCW’s music supplies for 33s, 45s and CDs.

What gatefold albums are iconic to you? Share your favorites in the comments below.

BCW Boxing Day Sale

December 26th – 31st, 2014, get

10% OFF all retail orders at www.bcwsupplies.com

when you use promo code BOXES at checkout.*

Boxes-800December 26th is Boxing Day, a holiday observed in many countries around the world to continue the holiday spirit. Boxing Day is also a great time to organize your hobby collection. BCW boxes are designed for hobby products, but they’re also a great value for storing holiday decorations!

*Offer expires at midnight (EST) on December 31st, 2014. Discount is applied before shipping and taxes (if applicable) are added. Offer good while supplies last (no backorders at the discounted price). Offer valid on online retail orders only (not wholesale orders). Coupon may not be combined with other offers or coupons, however customers may take advantage of the BOXES coupon and Free BCW Super Saver Shipping.


New Stretch Film Bander Protects Bundles of BCW Boxes


The old BCW bander wrapped bundles with a 3/8″ wide strap

The new BCW plastic film wrapper in action

The new BCW plastic film wrapper in action

BCW boxes wrapped with stretch film

BCW boxes wrapped with stretch film

When hobby shops order bulk quantities of comic boxes, trading card boxes and record boxes from BCW Supplies, we strap the boxes into bundles so we can efficiently ship them. In the past, this process involved strapping the bundles with a plastic band. As the band had to be tightly wrapped around the bundle, and the band was only 3/8 of an inch wide, the band could dig into the boxes on the top and bottom of the bundle. The boxes on the outside of the bundles would be slightly damaged in this old process – not enough to make the boxes unusable, but they were no longer in pristine condition.

While this is industry-standard method for shipping bundles of cardboard, this process was not acceptable to BCW Supplies or our valued customers. To remedy the problem, we searched the manufacturing marketplace to find a new system to bundle cardboard boxes. Our solution is a new stretch film bander. This bander wraps bundles of boxes with a plastic film similar to the plastic wrap you may use in your kitchen to store leftover food. As this wrap is flexible and wider than the previously used plastic band, the wrap does not harm the cardboard on the outside of the bundles.

As soon as possible, all BCW cardboard boxes that are bundled will be wrapped with the new plastic film.