Horizontal Trading Card Dividers

BCW now offers Horizontal Card Dividers. These are helpful for all card boxes that store cards in the horizontal/landscape format (listed below). The index tab on these dividers is scored so the tab can fold down to fit inside a closed box. The dividers are made from a durable plastic, so the tabs do not break off after folding.

BCW Card Boxes with a Horizontal Card Format:

All BCW Card Boxes and Card Houses

Other Card Dividers:

BCW Card Boxes are Ideal for Model Trains

At BCW, we love it when hobbyists find uses for our products in ways we never envisioned. One great example comes from model train collectors. BCW has developed numerous corrugated boxes designed to protect trading cards. In the hands of a model train collector, these boxes are perfect for storing and shipping miniature trains. Model trains come in several scales that fit nicely in the various sizes of BCW boxes, leaving just the right amount of space to add bubble wrap or tissue.

John from The Virginia Foundry and Model Works stated, “I make and sell HO scale kits and ship them in your boxes. I have made literally hundreds of shipments in your boxes with not a single claim of any damage due to the box. … They’re just great for this purpose and stand up admirably to any post office abuse. And many of my kits have been shipped overseas with the same excellent results.”

BCW Boxes are perfect for model trains

HO Scale, 1910 American Ballast Company car by The Virginia Foundry and Model Works

Please measure your model trains to get the box that’s the correct dimensions for storing or shipping your models trains.

Box Name Rows Interior Box Dimensions in Inches
100 ct. Box 1 2 1/2 x 2 3/4 x 3 3/4
200 ct. Box 1 3 1/2 x 2 3/4 x 3 3/4
300 ct. Box 1 5 1/8 x 2 3/4 x 3 3/4
330 ct. Box 1 4 7/8 x 3 x 3 7/8
400 ct. Box 1 7 x 2 3/4 x 3 3/4
500 ct. Box 1 9 x 3 x 3 7/8
550 ct. Box 1 9 7/8 x 2 3/4 x 3 3/4
660 ct. Box 1 11 3/4 x 2 3/4 x 3 3/4
800 ct. Box 1 14 1/8 x 2 3/4 x 3 3/4
800 ct. Box (2 Piece) 1 14 1/8 x 2 3/4 x 3 3/4
930 ct. Box 1 16 1/2 x 2 3/4 x 3 3/4
Graded Trading Card Box 1 8 x 5 1/2 x 3 3/8
Vault Box 1 15 3/4 x 3 1/2 x 4 1/2
Super Vault Box 1 16 x 6 x 3 3/4
Shoe  Box 2 13 3/4 x 6 1/2 x 4 (3 1/8 row width)
Graded Shoe Box 2 7 1/8 x 5 3/4 x 14 1/8 (3 3/4 row width)
Super Shoe Box 3 9 7/8 x 4 1/4 x 17 7/8 (3 1/8 row width)
Monster Box 4 14 x 12 3/4 x 3 7/8 (2 7/8 row width)
3200 ct. Box (Full Lid) 4 14 1/8 x 12 x 3 3/4 (2 3/4 row width)
Super Monster Box 5 17 x 15 7/8 x 3 7/8 (2 7/8 row width)
5000 ct. Box (Full Lid) 5 17 5/8 x 15 1/8 x 3 3/4 (2 3/4 row width)

BCW also offers Card Houses and Shoe Box Houses, used to organize their respective boxes. These can be used to store a large amount of model trains.

Join the BCW Supplies’ Group in the 2017 Bracket Manager

Thank you to everyone that participated in our brackets group. We had 299 brackets submitted. Congratulations to our winners, listed below by their prize.

Join the BCW Supplies group in the 2017 CBS Sports Bracket Manager! You need to create a CBSSports.com account in order to participate. This CBS Sports system requires you to get an email invitation from me to join the BCW Supplies group. To enter, send a quick email to ted@bcwsupplies.com and simply write “Brackets” in the email subject line. Then I’ll send you an invitation through the CBS system. When you receive the email from CBS Sports, click on the join league link. This works better if you have already created a CBSSports.com account.

After the brackets are posted, make your game predictions before the tourney starts, and enjoy the games. After the tournament, the prizes below will be awarded to the four highest points leaders.

Big O

1st Place Prize

FIRST PLACE PRIZE – One Oscar Robertson autographed card (2016 Panini National Treasures Collegiate, University of Cincinnati, No. 71), one pack BCW Thick Card Sleeves, one pack 108 pt. Topload Card Holders, one Shoe Box, one box Monster Pads, and one pack Tall Card Dividers.

FIRST PLACE WINNER – Sport Card Collector. He tied Jason McNeil on points, but won the tiebreaker (closest to the combined score in the final).

2nd Place Prize

SECOND PLACE PRIZE – One Denzel Valentine autographed card (2016 Panini Black Gold, Michigan State, No. 176, 78/99), one Justise Winslow patch card (2016 Panini Black Gold, Duke University, No. 15, 9/25), one pack BCW Thick Card Sleeves, and one box 138 pt. Topload Card Holders.

SECOND PLACE WINNER – J.M. did not claim the prize, so the 5th place winner, Mike McMannis, received the prize.

3rd Place Price

THIRD PLACE PRIZE – One Jordan Farmar patch card (2016 Panini National Treasures Collegiate, UCLA, No. 51, 5/5), one Myles Turner autographed card (2016 Panini National Treasures Collegiate, The University of Texas, No. 90, 10/10), and one box (16 holders) BCW 100 pt. Magnetic Card Holders.


4th Place Prize

FOURTH PLACE PRIZE – One Damian Jones booklet patch card (2016 Panini National Treasures Collegiate, Vanderbilt University, No. 30, 2/25), one pack BCW Horizontal Booklet Card Sleeves, one pack Booklet Card Toploaders, and one pack Booklet Card Holder Bags.


See the 2017 BCW Supplies Basketball Brackets Contest Official Rules for complete details about the group prizes.http://blog.bcwsupplies.com/2016-brackets-rules/

Which BCW Cardboard Boxes are Large Enough for Card Holders or Graded Cards?

Most BCW cardboard boxes are only large enough to hold standard 2½” x 3½” cards or cards in sleeves. However several boxes have wider rows to accommodate cards in protective holders such as semi-rigids, toploaders, 1-screws, magnetics or other holders or cases. Some BCW boxes are designed to hold graded cards or other tall cards. A few boxes have both wide rows and increased height.

If you are trying to decide which BCW boxes are right for your collection, the list below shows the basic sizes. If you store cards in protective holders, you’ll need a box with WIDE rows. If you have graded cards, other tall cards, or you have 4-screw card holders, get a box labelled GRADED.

Note the length of the card boxes are often named by the number of cards they can hold, such as a 930-ct. Box, however these sizes are based on the thickness of a traditional card. Modern cards are often thicker than traditional Topps baseball cards. Learn more

Link to the boxes below for specific dimensions.

BCW Card Box SKU Row Width Height
100-ct. Storage Box 1-BX-100 Standard Standard
200-ct. Storage Box 1-BX-200 Standard Standard
300-ct. Storage Box 1-BX-300 Standard Standard
330-ct. Storage Box (for Pre-1957 cards) 1-BX-330 Standard Standard
400-ct. Storage Box 1-BX-400 Standard Standard
500-ct. Storage Box (for Pre-1957 cards) 1-BX-500 Standard Standard
550-ct. Storage Box 1-BX-550 Standard Standard
660-ct. Storage Box 1-BX-660 Standard Standard
800-ct. Storage Box 1-BX-800 Standard Standard
800-ct. Storage Box (2 Piece) 1-BX-802 Standard Standard
930-ct. Storage Box 1-BX-930 Standard Standard
Graded Trading Card Box(30 Graded Cards) 1-BX-GTCB WIDE GRADED
Vault Storage Box (1,000-ct.) 1-BX-VAULT WIDE Standard
Super Vault Storage Box 1-BX-SVAULT WIDE GRADED
Shoe Storage Box (1,600-ct.) 1-BX-SHOE WIDE (2 Rows) Standard
Graded Shoe Box (100 Graded Cards) 1-BX-GSB WIDE (2 Rows) GRADED
Super Shoe Storage Box (3,000-ct.) 1-BX-SSHOE WIDE (3 Rows) Standard
Monster Storage Box (3,200-ct.) 1-BX-MON Standard (4 Rows) Standard
3,200-ct. Storage Box (Full Lid) 1-BX-3200 Standard (4 Rows) Standard
Super Monster Storage Box (5,000-ct.) 1-BX-SMON Standard (5 Rows) Standard
5,000-ct. Storage Box (Full Lid) 1-BX-5000 Standard (5 Rows) Standard
The BCW Shoe Box with Toploaders

The BCW Shoe Box with Toploaders

Holiday Gift Ideas for Collectors

BCW offers hundreds of affordable products that collectors will appreciate as a gift. Find the hobby of your friend or family member to see a few gift ideas:

Comic Supplies Combo Pack

Gift Ideas for Comic Collectors

  1. Comic Supplies Combo Pack
  2. Comic Collector Starter Kit
  3. Printed Comic Boxes
  4. Comic Book Stor-Folio
  5. Stor-Folio with 10 Comics
  6. Comic Book Showcases
  7. More Comic Book Supplies
Trading Card Combo Pack

Trading Card Combo Pack

Gift Ideas for Sports Card Collectors

  1. Trading Cards Combo Pack
  2. Trading Card Starter Kit
  3. Card Sleeves and Toploaders
  4. Magnetic Card Holders
  5. Pages and Albums
  6. More Trading Card Supplies
BCW Card Gaming Combo Pack

BCW Card Gaming Combo Pack

Gift Ideas for Card Gamers

  1. Gaming Card Combo Pack
  2. Deck Guards
  3. Deck Lockers
  4. 12-Pocket Z-Folios
  5. 9-Pocket Z-Folio LT
  6. More Gaming Card Supplies
33 RPM Record Sleeves, Dividers, and Storage Box

Record Sleeves, Dividers, and Boxes

Gift Ideas for Record Collectors

  1. 33 RPM Record Boxes
  2. 33 RPM Record Sleeves
  3. 33 RPM Record Dividers
  4. 45 RPM Record Boxes
  5. 45 RPM Record Sleeves
  6. More Record Supplies
Coin Collector Starter Kit

Coin Collector Starter Kit

Gift Ideas for Coin and Currency Collectors

  1. Coin Collector Starter Kit
  2. More Coin Supplies
  3. Currency Supplies
Baseball Cubes

Baseball Cubes

Gift Ideas for Sports Memorabilia Collectors

  1. Baseball Display Cases
  2. Basketball Display Cases
  3. Football Display Cases
  4. Jersey Display Cases
  5. Helmet Display Cases
  6. Hockey Puck Cases
  7. Soccer Ball Display Cases
  8. Other Display Cases

Protecting Your Booklet Cards

Booklet cards are hot for sports cards collectors! They are often extra thick with jersey patches and/or autographs. These cards can be stored in a closed format in a hinged or slider box, but most collectors like to store their booklets in the open position to get the full presentation. BCW offers sleeves, toploaders, and bags to enclose the toploaders (the bags can also enclose a magnetic booklet card holder). The supplies listed below are available for booklets in horizontal and vertical formats.

Horizontal Booklet Card Supplies

Horizontal Booklet Card Supplies

Horizontal Booklet Card Sleeves

Horizontal Booklet Card Toploaders

Horizontal Booklet Card Holder Bags

Vertical Booklet Card Supplies

Vertical Booklet Card Supplies

Vertical Booklet Card Sleeves

Vertical Booklet Card Toploaders

Vertical Booklet Card Holder Bags

Holiday Discount for Hobby Shops

Get Your Hobby Shop Ready for the Holidays with BCW Supplies!

BCW wholesale accounts receive 10% OFF all orders of $500 or more
when they order at www.bcwsupplies.com and enter promo code Holidays at checkout.*

*Promotion code is valid through Monday, October 24th, 2016 for wholesale orders at www.bcwsupplies.com. 10% savings is valid for in-stock items only (backorders will be at the regular price). Discount does not apply to shipping charges.


Hobby shops are welcome to apply for a BCW wholesale account to get the selection, pricing, and shipping services needed for a profitable business, and then get their orders directly from BCW Supplies. Shops can apply for a wholesale account here. Shops can also contact their distributors to request BCW products (although the distributors are not obligated to honor our holiday discount). See BCW’s list of distributors.


Semi-Rigid Card and Currency Holders

Semi-rigid holders are the preferred storage solution for many collectors of cards, currency, postcards, and tickets. These holders are thin, affordable, and provide rigid protection. Unlike soft vinyl (such as a shower curtain), the rigid vinyl used to make these holders does not contain plasticizers, making them inert and safe for long term storage of collectibles.

BCW previously called semi-rigids holders “Deluxe Card Holders” and “Deluxe Currency Holders”. During a recent package redesign, the names were changed to “Semi-Rigid” to better describe the product and follow a popular naming convention adopted by many collectors.

BCW offers three different sizes of Semi-Rigids for protecting cards. Since these are inexpensive, and thin, Semi-Rigids are popular with shop owners and card vendors at shows. Semi-Rigids are also the recommended card holder when submitting cards to various grading companies.

We also offer Regular and Large Semi-Rigids to protect currency.

Semi-Rigid 1 BCW Semi-Rigid Card Holder #1
50 per pack
Exterior dimensions: 3 5/16” x 4 15/16”
Pricing and details
Semi-Rigid 2 BCW Semi-Rigid Card Holder #2
50 per pack
Exterior dimensions: 3” x 4 1/2”
Pricing and details
Semi-Rigid 3 BCW Semi-Rigid Card Holder #3
50 per pack
Exterior dimensions: 3 1/3” x 5 7/8”
Pricing and details
Semi-Rigid 4 BCW Semi-Rigid Card Holder #4
50 per pack
Exterior dimensions: 4 1/2” x 7 1/8”
Pricing and details
Semi-Rigid 5 BCW Semi-Rigid Card Holder #5
50 per pack
Exterior dimensions: 3 1/2” x 7 3/4”
Pricing and details
 Semi-Rigid Regular Bill BCW Semi-Rigid Currency Holder –
Regular Bill
50 per pack
Exterior dimensions: 6 7/16” x 3 1/16”
Pricing and details
 Semi-Rigid Large Bill BCW Semi-Rigid Currency Holder –
Large Bill
50 per pack
Exterior dimensions: 8” x 3 9/16”
Pricing and details

Join the BCW Supplies League in the NFL Weekly Pick’em

This contest has concluded. You can view the list of prize winners below. Thank you to everyone that participated.

Each week of the 2016-2017 NFL season and post-season, the BCW Supplies group member with the most Weekly Pick’em points will receive a great prize! There’s also an overall points leader prize after the Super Bowl. See how to enter and the list of prizes below.

BCW 2016-17 NFL Weekly Pick’em Prizes


  1. If needed, create a NFL Weekly Pick’em account. Make sure to remember your NFL Weekly Pick’em User Name.
  2. The BCW Supplies League is a private league in the NFL Weekly Pick’em, so you’ll need the group password. Complete the form below, and then you’ll receive a message with the group password.
  3. Go back to the NFL Weekly Pick’em page, search for the BCW Supplies private group, and join the league using the provided password. Then make your game predictions each week of the NFL season and postseason for your chance to win!


Each week of the NFL regular season and post-season, the registered BCW Supplies League group member with the most points for that given week will win the prize for the respective week (listed below).

Follow BCW on Facebook and Twitter to see pictures of the prizes, posted before each week.

Week 1, 9/08/16 – 9/12/16
One Bo Jackson & Cam Newton dual signed Auburn Mini Helmet authenticated by GT Sports Marketing, and one BCW Mini Helmet Display Case (1-AD02).
Week 1 Winner – Sneb

Week 2, 9/15/16 – 9/19/16
One Marcus Allen autographed patch card (2015 Panini Immaculate, 22/49), and one box (14) of BCW 130 pt. Magnetic Card Holders (1-MCH-130).
Week 2 Winner – Dacman25

Week 3, 9/22/16 – 9/26/16
One Ameer Abdullah autographed, patch, rookie card (2015 Panini-Luxe Football, 6/25, RMA-AA), and one box (12) of Pro-Mold 180 pt. 1-Screw Card Holders (PM-PC17).
Eight members tied for first place with 160 points for the week. The tie breaker goes to whoever has the most overall season points. One of these eight is currently the overall season points leader, so he wins the weekly prize. Congrats to Striker10169.

Week 4, 10/1/16 – 10/3/16
One BCW Card Sorting Tray (1-CST).
Week 4 Winner – DanStander

Week 5, 10/6/16 – 10/10/16
One John Elway memorabilia card (2015 Upper Deck Sweet Spot, SS-JE), one pack BCW Thick Card Sleeves (1-SSLV-THICK), one pack (10) BCW 240 pt. Toploaders (1-TLCH-TH-7MM), and one pack BCW Resealable Team Set Bags (1-RSTB).
Week 5 Winner – SnyderHasToGo

Week 6, 10/14/14 – 10/17/14
One BCW Shoe House with 6 Shoe Boxes (HOUSE–6-SHOE), one box (20) Monster Pads (1-MPAD), and two packs of Tall Trading Card Dividers (1-TCD-TALL).
Week 6 Winner – 3 members tied with 160 points: Haydenskyjax (54th overall), Mariarougeot (64th overall), Khendo88 (171st overall). The tie breaker goes to the member with the most overall season points. Congrats to Haydenskyjax!

Week 7, 10/20/16 – 10/24/16
One Devin Funchess autographed, patch card (2015 Panini – Donruss Signature Series Football, No. 488), and one box (16) BCW 100 pt. Magnetics (1-MCH-100).
Week 7 Winner – CurtHere

Week 8, 10/27/16 – 11/1/16
One pack of BCW Horizontal Booklet Card Sleeves (1-SSLV-BC), one pack of BCW Horizontal Booklet Card Toploaders (1-TLCH-BC), one pack of BCW Vertical Booklet Card Sleeves (1-SSLV-BC-V), one pack of BCW Vertical Booklet Card Toploaders (1-TLCH-BC-V), one pack of BCW Resealable Bags for Booklet Cards (1-BAG-BCH-R), and one pack of BCW Resealable Bags for Vertical Booklet Cards (1-BAG-BCH-V-R).
Two members tied for the week with 150 points. The tie breaker goes to the member with the most overall season points. Tompet has 940 overall points and Beckent has 820 overall points. Congratulations to Tompet, he’ll receive the BCW booklet card supplies.

Week 9, 11/3/16 – 11/7/16
One Dan Marino patch card (2014 Panini – Totally Certified, Epix, EP-DM), and one box (10) BCW 138 pt. Toploaders (1-TLCH-TH-3.5MM).
Week 9 Winner – JTSags

Week 10, 11/10/16 – 11/14/16
One Dwight Clark autographed card (2015 Topps Supreme, 24/25, SA-DCL), and one box (16) BCW 100 pt. Magnetics (1-MCH-100).
Week 10 Winner – Santee6

Week 11, 11/17/16 – 11/21/16
One Giovani Bernard autographed card (2014 Topps Museum Collection, 191/300, SSA-GB), and one box (25) Pro-Mold 80 pt. Magnetics (PM-MH5).
Week 11 Winner – Moviefan5 and Lordor1 tied for the week with 170 points each. The tie breaker goes to Moviefan5 who has more overall season points.

Week 12, 11/24/16 – 11/28/16
One Mike Davis autographed, patch, rookie card (2015 Panini-Luxe, 13/25, RMA-MD), and box (12) BCW 180 ct. Magnetics (1-MCH-180).
Week 12 Winner – three members tied with 190 points. The tie breaker for the prize goes to the member with the most overall season points. Congratulations to Santee6, who is in 19th place overall (Tomtaborn, 46 overall; Mchriske, 162 overall).

Week 13, 12/1/16 – 12/5/16
One Von Miller autographed card (2015 Panini Donruss Signature Series, No. 172), and one box (18) BCW 75 pt. Magnetics (1-MCH-75).
Week 13 Winner – Sneb wins another week! He correctly predicted every Week 13 game.

Week 14, 12/08/16 – 12/12/16
One Devin Funchess autographed, rookie card (2015 Panini Immaculate, 76/99), one pack of BCW 138 pt. Toploaders (1-TLCH-TH-3.5MM), and one pack of BCW Thick Card Sleeves (1-SSLV-THICK).
Week 14 Winner – Warner13Faulk28HOF

Week 15, 12/15/16 – 12/19/16
One Antonio Brown patch card (2015 Panini-Luxe, 4/49, No. 25), one box (10) BCW 138 pt. Toploaders (1-TLCH-TH-3.5MM), and one pack of BCW Thick Card Sleeves (1-SSLV-THICK).
Both 5marchx and Doublel72 predicted every game correctly in Week 15. The tie breaker goes to Doublel72, who has more overall season points (1,680 and 1,200 respectively).

Week 16, 12/22/16 – 12/26/16
One Teddy Bridgewater card (2016 Panini New Wave, 14/100, NW-TB), one box BCW 9-Pocket Pages (1-PRO9T-100), and one 3-Inch BCW Album (1-ALB3C-PL-BLK).
Week 15 Winner – Glennjberger5

Week 17, 1/1/17
One Jerome Bettis autographed Notre Dame Mini Helmet, and one BCW Mini Helmet Display Case (1-AD02).
3 members tried for 1st place – Giantswillwin (1810 overall pts.), Dayboy80 (1800 overall pts.), and Bufbuffalo (2020 overall pts.). With the most overall season points, Bufbuffalo wins the tiebreaker.

Wild Card, 1/7/17 – 1/08/17
One Braxton Miller patch, rookie card (2016 Panini – Certified Football, 4/5, No. 16), and one box (12) BCW 180 pt. Magnetics (1-MCH-180).
Wild Card Week Winner – 62 members of our group predicted all 4 Wild Card games correctly. The tie breaker for the weekly prize goes to the member with the most overall season/post-season points. Congratulations to Moviefan5 (2250 overall points / 3rd place overall).

Divisional, 1/16/17 – 1/17/17
One Marcus Mariota rookie card (2015 Panini – Black Gold Football, 5/5, No. GA-8), and one box (18) Pro-Mold 150 pt. Magnetics (PM-MH6).
36 members predicted all 4 games correctly. Congratulations to Davidstout8818, who wins the tie breaker as he is the player of that group of 36 with the most overall season points.

Conference, 1/22/17
One Randall Cobb autographed card (2015 Panini – Donruss Signature Series Football, No. 190), and one box (16) BCW 100 pt. Magnetics (1-MCH-100).
49 members predicted both games correctly. The tie breaker for the prize goes to the member of that group of 49 that has the most overall season points. Congrats to MovieFan5 (2nd place overall).

Super Bowl XLI, 2/5/17
One Barry Sanders autographed Lions jersey authenticated by Schwartz Sports, and one BCW Large Jersey Display Case (1-AD19).
Congratulations to FunToCollect. He predicted the Patriots would win the Super Bowl, and as the overall points leader, he wins the jersey.

The Overall Points Leader of the BCW Supplies League after the 2016-2017 Super Bowl receives a www.bcwsupplies.com promotion code valued at $200.
Congratulations again to FunToCollect. He finished the season and post-season with the most overall points – 2360.


If weekly group members are tied on any given week or for the overall winner, the tie-breaker system will be:

  1. Whoever has the most overall points.
  2. A random selection conducted by BCW Supplies.

See the 2016-2017 BCW Supplies’ NFL Weekly Pick’em Official Rules for more information.