2016-2017 BCW Supplies’ NFL Weekly Pick’em Official Rules


The BCW Supplies League is a private group participating in the 2016-2017 NFL Weekly Pick’em. The BCW Supplies League will follow all of the Official Rules established by the NFL Weekly Pick’em. However, participants can join the BCW Supplies group on the BCW Supplies Blog to be eligible to win the weekly prizes listed below!

NFL Weekly Pick’em Official Rules:


Additional rules for the BCW Supplies League:

Only BCW Supplies League members that have registered on our league entry form are eligible to win our league prizes! The BCW Supplies League entry form is located at http://blog.bcwsupplies.com/nfl-weekly-pickem-2016-17/. By entering on the BCW entry form, you are providing your contact information so we can award your prize, if you are a weekly winner.


  1. If needed, create a NFL Weekly Pick’em account. Make sure to remember your NFL Weekly Pick’em User Name.
  2. The BCW Supplies League is a private league in the NFL Weekly Pick’em, so you’ll need the group password. Complete the form on the BCW blog, and then you’ll receive a message with the group password.
  3. Go back to the NFL Weekly Pick’em page, search for the BCW Supplies private group, and join the league using the provided password. Then make your game predictions each week of the NFL season and postseason for your chance to win!


Each week of the NFL regular season and post-season, the eligible BCW Supplies League participant with the most points for that given week will win the prize for the respective week (listed below). Group members can track each members’ league points on the NFL Weekly Pick’em site. After the Super Bowl, the eligible BCW Supplies group member with the most OVERALL points will also win a prize (listed below).

Week 1, 9/08/16 – 9/12/16
One Bo Jackson & Cam Newton dual signed Auburn Mini Helmet authenticated by GT Sports Marketing, and one BCW Mini Helmet Display Case (1-AD02).

Week 2, 9/15/16 – 9/19/16
One Marcus Allen autographed patch card (2015 Panini Immaculate, 22/49), and one box (14) of BCW 130 pt. Magnetic Card Holders (1-MCH-130).

Week 3, 9/22/16 – 9/26/16
One Ameer Abdullah autographed, patch, rookie card (2015 Panini-Luxe Football, 6/25, RMA-AA), and one box (12) of Pro-Mold 180 pt. 1-Screw Card Holders (PM-PC17).

Week 4, 10/1/16 – 10/3/16
One BCW Card Sorting Tray (1-CST).

Week 5, 10/6/16 – 10/10/16
One John Elway memorabilia card (2015 Upper Deck Sweet Spot, SS-JE), one pack BCW Thick Card Sleeves (1-SSLV-THICK), one pack (10) BCW 240 pt. Toploaders (1-TLCH-TH-7MM), and one pack BCW Resealable Team Set Bags (1-RSTB).

Week 6, 10/14/14 – 10/17/14
One BCW Shoe House with 6 Shoe Boxes (HOUSE–6-SHOE), one box (20) Monster Pads (1-MPAD), and two packs of Trading Card Dividers (1-TCD-TALL).

Week 7, 10/20/16 – 10/24/16
One Devin Funchess autographed, patch card (2015 Panini – Donruss Signature Series Football, No. 488), and one box (16) BCW 100 pt. Magnetics (1-MCH-100).

Week 8, 10/27/16 – 11/1/16
One pack of BCW Horizontal Booklet Card Sleeves (1-SSLV-BC), one pack of BCW Horizontal Booklet Card Toploaders (1-TLCH-BC), one pack of BCW Vertical Booklet Card Sleeves (1-SSLV-BC-V), one pack of BCW Vertical Booklet Card Toploaders (1-TLCH-BC-V), one pack of BCW Resealable Bags for Booklet Cards (1-BAG-BCH-R), and one pack of BCW Resealable Bags for Vertical Booklet Cards (1-BAG-BCH-V-R).

Week 9, 11/3/16 – 11/7/16
One Dan Marino patch card (2014 Panini – Totally Certified, Epix, EP-DM), and one box (10) BCW 138 pt. Toploaders (1-TLCH-TH-3.5MM).

Week 10, 11/10/16 – 11/14/16
One Dwight Clark autographed card (2015 Topps Supreme, 24/25, SA-DCL), and one box (16) BCW 100 pt. Magnetics (1-MCH-100).

Week 11, 11/17/16 – 11/21/16
One Giovani Bernard autographed card (2014 Topps Museum Collection, 191/300, SSA-GB), and one box (25) Pro-Mold 80 pt. Magnetics (PM-MH5).

Week 12, 11/24/16 – 11/28/16
One Mike Davis autographed, patch, rookie card (2015 Panini-Luxe, 13/25, RMA-MD), and box (12) BCW 180 ct. Magnetics (1-MCH-180).

Week 13, 12/1/16 – 12/5/16
One Von Miller autographed card (2015 Panini Donruss Signature Series, No. 172), and one box (18) BCW 75 pt. Magnetics (1-MCH-75).

Week 14, 12/08/16 – 12/12/16
One Devin Funchess autographed, rookie card (2015 Panini Immaculate, 76/99), one pack of BCW 138 pt. Toploaders (1-TLCH-TH-3.5MM), and one pack of BCW Thick Card Sleeves (1-SSLV-THICK).

Week 15, 12/15/16 – 12/19/16
One Antonio Brown patch card (2015 Panini-Luxe, 4/49, No. 25), one box (10) BCW 138 pt. Toploaders (1-TLCH-TH-3.5MM), and one pack of BCW Thick Card Sleeves (1-SSLV-THICK).

Week 16, 12/22/16 – 12/26/16
One Teddy Bridgewater card (2016 Panini New Wave, 14/100, NW-TB), one box BCW 9-Pocket Pages (1-PRO9T-100), and one 3-Inch BCW Album (1-ALB3C-PL-BLK).

Week 17, 1/1/17
One Jerome Bettis autographed Notre Dame Mini Helmet, and one BCW Mini Helmet Display Case (1-AD02).

Wild Card, 1/7/17 – 1/08/17
One Braxton Miller patch, rookie card (2016 Panini – Certified Football, 4/5, No. 16), and one box (12) BCW 180 pt. Magnetics (1-MCH-180).

Divisional, 1/16/17 – 1/17/17
One Marcus Mariota rookie card (2015 Panini – Black Gold Football, 5/5, No. GA-8), and one box (18) Pro-Mold 150 pt. Magnetics (PM-MH6).

Conference, 1/22/17
One Randall Cobb autographed card (2015 Panini – Donruss Signature Series Football, No. 190), and one box (16) BCW 100 pt. Magnetics (1-MCH-100).

Super Bowl XLI, 2/5/17
One Barry Sanders autographed Lions jersey authenticated by Schwartz Sports, and one BCW Large Jersey Display Case (1-AD19).

The Overall Points Leader of the BCW Supplies League after the 2016-2017 Super Bowl receives a www.bcwsupplies.com promotion code valued at $200.


If a potential winner has the most NFL Weekly Pick’em points for a given week but the user has not registered on the BCW Supplies League entry form by 1 p.m. EST the day after the previous NFL week’s conclusion, the potential winner may be disqualified from winning that week’s prize.

Participants in the BCW Supplies League must be 18 or older. If a weekly prize winner lives in the 48 contiguous United States or District of Columbia, BCW Supplies will pay for the shipping expense when sending the prize. If a weekly winner lives outside of the 48 contiguous United States or District of Columbia, the winner will need to pay for the shipping expenses if they want to claim the prize.

BCW Supplies and Pro-Mold employees and their direct family members (spouse, parent, child or siblings) are eligible to participate in the BCW Supplies League, but they are not qualified to win one of the prizes listed above.

If a potential winner is disqualified from winning a prize for a reason listed above, the second place participant will be the prize winner (and so forth until the prize is awarded).

Weekly BCW Supplies League prize winners will be announced at approximately 10:30 a.m. EST on the day after each NFL week.


If weekly group members are tied on any given week or for the overall winner, the tie-breaker system will be:

  1. Whoever has the most overall points.
  2. A random selection conducted by BCW Supplies.


No purchase is necessary to participate.

By registering for the BCW League and providing your email address, you are allowing BCW Supplies to send you periodic emails offering sales and promotional information. Email subscribers have the ability to unsubscribe from this service at any time by clicking the relevant links at the bottom of their email.

BCW Supplies is not responsible for the management of the NFL Weekly Pick’em.

BCW’s promotional partners are not responsible for the NFL Weekly Pick’em or the BCW Supplies League.

BCW has the right to terminate the BCW Supplies League promotion at any time.

BCW has the right to disqualify a participant registered in the BCW Supplies League if the participant does not follow NFL Weekly Pick’em rules or the BCW Supplies League Weekly Pick’em Official Rules.

The National Football League, NFL sponsors, and NFL promoters are not responsible for the BCW Supplies League or the BCW Supplies League group contest.

BCW Supplies reserves the right to modify the 2016-2017 BCW Supplies NFL Weekly Pick’em Official Rules to accommodate for any unforeseen issues.

Recommended Receiving Procedure for BCW Wholesale Customers

When BCW wholesale customers place a sizeable order, their products are normally shipped on a pallet by a freight company. We call this LTL (Less Than Truckload) as the freight truck likely has many pallets for various pick-ups and deliveries at any given time. BCW’s Shipping Department works hard to prepare these LTL orders to make sure they arrive to their destination safely. We also work closely with the freight companies to make sure they are handling these pallets professionally. From time-to-time, mistakes are made by the BCW staff, or our freight delivery partners. We want to correct these issues as quick as possible so your business gets the products you need, or your BCW account is credited accordingly. Assistance from our wholesale partners is essential to help us correct these issues.

When receiving freight shipments, your signature on the delivering carrier’s Bill of Lading (BOL) constitutes acceptance of the merchandise “as is”. If you do not inspect the shipment before signing, or note the BOL “Subject to count and inspection”, you may be waiving our mutual right to collect on a loss or damage claim. Remember, once you sign, the product and the responsibility are yours.


Inspect, examine and count your delivery as it is unloaded.

  1. Any and all shortages or damaged items must be written down on the BOL. Note the item(s) that are visibly damaged or missing on the BOL before you sign it.
  2. Open cartons if there is the slightest doubt that the merchandise could be damaged. Any damaged or missing product must be noted on the BOL at the time of delivery or your claim may be denied.
  3. Do not be intimidated by the driver. The driver cannot leave until the BOL is signed (regardless of how much of a hurry they are in, etc.). If the driver is unwilling to wait while you inspect the shipment, always sign “Subject to count and inspection.”


When damage to, or loss of, contents of a shipment is discovered at time of delivery you must immediately;

  1. Document the shortage and/or photograph the damage and note the shortage and/or damage on the BOL.
  2. Call your BCW representative to report the problem. Then, e-mail the photos, a copy of the signed BOL, and any other documentation to freight@bcwsupplies.com. If we prepaid the freight with the carrier, we will begin the damage claim.


When damage to, or loss of, contents of a shipment is discovered that could not have been determined at time of delivery you must immediately;

  1. Document and photograph the packaging and the damage. You must keep the packaging until told by BCW or the delivering carrier to return or dispose of the item(s).
  2. Call your BCW representative to report the problem. Then, e-mail the photos, a copy of the BOL, and any other documentation to freight@bcwsupplies.com. If we prepaid the freight with the carrier, we will begin the concealed damage claim.

Remember, at this point, you’ve signed the BOL free and clear, or possibly “Subject to count and inspection.” So, the sooner you can inspect the goods and report any concealed damage or missing product, the better the chances of collecting on the claim. In accordance with National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) regulations, concealed damage claims must be reported to the carrier within five calendar days of the date of delivery.


  1. Take photographs of the damaged goods while still on the carrier’s truck if obvious mis-handling is evident.
  2. Call your BCW representative immediately, preferably with the driver still present.
  3. Be sure to keep a copy of the BOL noting the damage and/or shortage with the driver’s signature.

There are many things that can happen to shipments between the time they leave our facility and arrive at your store. Therefore we are asking you to do a small, but critically important amount of work to protect us both. The BOL is our only documentation of the condition of a shipment when it arrives at your place of business. Without this proof, we cannot effectively hold carriers accountable for damaged or missing items.

2016 BCW Warehouse Sale

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BCW Distributors Supporting Hobby Shops

Hobby shops are welcome to apply for a BCW wholesale account to get the selection, pricing, and shipping services needed for a profitable business, and then get their order directly from BCW Supplies. Shops can apply for a wholesale account here. However, most shops are served by one or more industry distributors to acquire their inventory. These distributors are sometimes capable of offering a better price or more convenient delivery services.

Hobby shops can contact the distributors listed below to get BCW products. Some distributors carry a majority of BCW products, while others only offer products specific to their customers’ needs. Nonetheless, all BCW products are available to these distributors, so you can request your needs from them.

US Distributors
ACD Distribution Fresno, CA 559-276-7290 www.acdd.com
ACD Distribution Middleton, WI 608-203-9900 www.acdd.com
ACD Distribution Harrisburg, PA 717-724-1474 www.acdd.com
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Charles Abar Central Point, OR 650-219-4951
Card Stadium Harrisburg, PA 717-234-0655 www.cardstadium.com
Gary Hoerth Chilton, WI 920-464-1313
Gold River Distributors Rocklin, CA 800-493-2306 www.goldriverdist.com
GTS Distribution Hauppauge, NY 888-333-9500 www.gtsdistribution.com
GTS Distribution Hazelwood, MO 888-333-9500 www.gtsdistribution.com
GTS Distribution Tempe, AZ 888-323-1800 www.gtsdistribution.com
GTS Distribution Smyrna, GA 888-333-9500 www.gtsdistribution.com
GTS Distribution Woburn, MA 888-333-9500 www.gtsdistribution.com
GTS Distribution Honolulu, HI 808-841-0265 www.gtsdistribution.com
GTS Distribution Kentwood, MI 800-940-0934 www.gtsdistribution.com
GTS Distribution San Jose, CA 800-255-5440 www.gtsdistribution.com
GTS Distribution Jacksonville, FL 888-333-9500 www.gtsdistribution.com
GTS Distribution Orange, CA 800-880-4447 www.gtsdistribution.com
GTS Distribution Everett, WA 800-890-5456 www.gtsdistribution.com
Hamp’s Supply Dallas, TX 214-553-5545
Hobbies Depot Hammonton, NJ 877-284-8446 www.hobbiesdepot.com
Hobbymaster Anoka, MN 763-576-3931 www.hobbymaster.com
Hooked On Cards North Ridgeville, OH 440-353-3633 shop.hookedoncardsonline.com
Peachstate Hobby Distribution Chicago, IL 888-517-1283 www.phdgames.com
Peachstate Hobby Distribution Dallas, TX 885-743-4325 www.phdgames.com
Peachstate Hobby Distribution Longwood, FL 877-743-4263 www.phdgames.com
Peachstate Hobby Distribution Piscataway, NJ 888-657-1802 www.phdgames.com
Peachstate Hobby Distribution Sante Fe Springs, CA 855-637-4263 www.phdgames.com
Peachstate Hobby Distribution Suwanee, GA 888-756-2607 www.phdgames.com
Thebaseballcardking! Shorewood, IL 815-609-7777 www.thebaseballcardking.com
 Australia / New Zealand
VR Distribution Adelaide +61 (0)8 8234 1355 www.vrdistribution.com.au
Coqui Hobby Distribution São Paulo www.coquihobby.com
Dynamic Distribution Calgary, AB 403-291-9331 www.buydynamic.com
Grosnor Distribution Brampton, ON 800-268-9066 www.grosnor.com
Black Faerie Santiago  contacto@blackfaerie.cl www.blackfaerie.cl
Olaf Friese Cards & Supplies Cologne 0049-221989360 www.friese-cards.de
Pianeta Hobby Milan +39 02 28040306 www.pianetahobby.it
Collectia AB Knäred 0430-50743 www.collectia.se
643 Double Play Collectables Buckinghamshire 44-1480-450006 www.643doubleplay.co.uk

Join the BCW Supplies’ Group in the 2016 Bracket Manager

Join the BCW Supplies’ group in the 2016 CBS Sports Bracket Manager! After the brackets are posted, make your game predictions and enjoy the tourney. After the tournament, the first place member will win two of the prizes below, and the second, third, and fourth place members will each win one prize!

The 2016 Bracket Manager is complete. Congratulations to our top four members!


  1. Ryan Kelly
  2. Harald Drenckberg
  3. Rebecca Lynn
  4. Tony Flores

BCW will send the winners an email to award the prizes.



PRIZE 1 – one 2015 Panini National Treasures “Combo Materials” booklet card signed by Kelly Oubre Jr. and Cliff Alexander (29/45), one pack of BCW Horizontal Booklet Card Sleeves, one pack of BCW Horizontal Booklet Card Toploaders, and one pack of BCW Horizontal Booklet Card Holder Bags.


PRIZE 2 – one 2015 Panini National Treasures Colossal patch card autographed by Jonathan Holmes (26/49), and one box of BCW 100-pt. Magnetic Card Holders.


PRIZE 3 – one 2015 Panini National Treasures Colossal patch card autographed by D’Angelo Russell (28/99), and one box of BCW 100-pt. Magnetic Card Holders.


PRIZE 4 – one 2015 Panini National Treasures patch card autographed by Joe Young (51/99), and one box of BCW 100-pt. Magnetic Card Holders.


PRIZE 5 – one 2015 Panini National Treasures Colossal patch card autographed by Frank Kaminsky (14/25), and one box of BCW 130-pt. Magnetic Card Holders

See the 2016 BCW Supplies Basketball Brackets Contest Official Rules for complete details about the group prizes.

BCW Free Shipping with a $1,000 Wholesale Order

free_shipping_DP_ForLess_2016-300BBCW wholesale customers get free shipping on orders of $1,000 or more when their products are delivered to a single commercial address in the 48 contiguous United States (Canadian options). See below for details.

This free shipping offer is only valid for BCW wholesale accounts. Retailers can apply for a wholesale account here.

How do BCW Wholesale Accounts take advantage of Free Shipping?

  1. Add products totaling $1,000 or more to your Shopping Cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. Ship your items to a single commercial address in the 48 contiguous United States (Canadian options).
  3. Select Super Saver (SSS Ground Free!) as your shipping method.

FREE SHIPPING Terms & Conditions for BCW Wholesale Customers:

  • Orders must be made of at least $1,000 worth of in-stock items to be eligible for Free Shipping.
  • Free Shipping applies only to commercial delivery addresses in the contiguous 48 United States, the District of Columbia, and select Canadian locations. Details for Canadian wholesale customers.
  • BCW will provide lift gate service at no charge. Any additional accessorial charges incurred in the delivery of a freight shipment will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Free Shipping is not valid to residential addresses, convention centers, schools, or hotels. Other restrictions may apply.
  • Free Shipping does not include Guaranteed Delivery, Holiday Delivery, Weekend Delivery, or Inside Delivery Services.
  • Free Shipping is not valid for C.O.D. shipments.
  • Free Shipping may not be used in conjunction with any coupon codes.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Booksh, BCW Wholesale Account Manager.

Red Sox Opening Day Card Collection

Butch Joseph has been a Red Sox fan and card collector since 1946, when he was 13 years old. He has a vast Red Sox card collection, but wanted a special way to spotlight each year’s Opening Day at Fenway Park. His solution was perfect… for each Red Sox starter in the opener, he placed their Topps card in a 3-ring binder page. He also included a cover page of each game with the date, score, Red Sox lineup and the box score on the back.

The Red Sox Openind Day cards fill two 3-ring binders.

The Red Sox Opening Day cards fill two 3-ring binders.

At the present time, Butch has the pockets filled for the years 1951 through 2015. There should have been a total of 585 cards, however he doesn’t have 7 of the cards ( ** below ) and 74 of the cards were never printed ( n/a below ). So the total number of cards is 504.

The 1951 cards are smaller than today's cards. These were placed in BCW's 1948 Bowman Card OInsert Sleeves to center the cards in the page's pocket.

The 1951 cards are smaller than today’s cards. These were placed in BCW’s 1948 Bowman Card Insert Sleeves to center the cards in the page’s pocket.

1951 Topps Red 1951 Topps Blue
n/a Buddy Rosar n/a Buddy Rosar
10 Mel Parnell 18 n/a Mel Parnell
n/a Walt Dropo n/a Walt Dropo
n/a Bobby Doerr 37 Bobby Doerr **
n/a Lou Boudreau n/a Lou Boudreau
4 Vern Stephens 18 n/a Vern Stephens
n/a Ted Williams n/a Ted Williams
20 Dom Dimaggio 35 n/a Dom Dimaggio
46 Billy Goodman 18 n/a Billy Goodman

1952 Topps


1953 Topps


121 Gus Niarhos 20 139 Sammy White 15
43 Ray Scarborough 35 19 Mel Parnell 15
235 Walt Dropo 20 n/a Dick Gernert
335 Ted Lepcio ** n/a Billy Goodman
15 Johnny Pesky ** 280 Milt Bolling ** 50
n/a Jimmy Piersall 138 George Kell
n/a Ted Williams 248 Gene Stephens 50
22 Dom Dimaggio ** n/a Tom Umphlett
376 Faye Throneberry ** n/a Jimmy Piersall

The 1953 through 1956 cards are larger than today's standard cards, so they are stored in 8-pocket pages instead of 9-pocket pages.

The 1953 through 1956 cards are larger than today’s standard cards, so they are stored in 8-Pocket Pages instead of 9-pocket pages.

1954 Topps


1955 Topps


n/a Sammy White n/a Sammy White
40 Mel Parnell 8 n/a Willard Nixon
n/a Dick Gernert 176 Norm Zauchin 15
195 Billy Consolo 13 n/a Billy Goodman
66 Ted Lepcio 15 n/a Eddie Joost
n/a George Kell 128 Ted Lepcio 6
n/a Billy Goodman 163 Faye Throneberry 15
n/a Jimmy Piersall n/a Jimmy Piersall
80 Jackie Jensen 8 200 Jackie Jensen 15


Chasing a 1957 Ted Williams card

1956 Topps


1957 Topps


168 Sammy White 6 163 Sammy White 4
71 Frank Sullivan 5 21 Frank Sullivan 5
228 Mickey Vernon 8 202 Dick Gernert 4
245 Billy Goodman 8 342 Gene Mauch 10
n/a Don Buddin 292 Billy Klaus 10
304 Frank Malzone 6 355 Frank Malzone 4
5 Ted Williams 300 1 Ted Williams **
143 Jimmy Piersall 6 75 Jimmy Piersall 5
115 Jackie Jensen 6 217 Gene Stephens 4

1958 Red Sox Opening Day starters

1958 Red Sox Opening Day starters

1958 Topps


1959 Topps


73 Pete Daly 6 486 Sammy White 2
395 Willard Nixon 4 437 Ivan Delock 2
265 Pete Runnels 4 13 Dick Gernert 3
405 Ken Aspromonte 4 370 Pete Runnels 2
297 Don Buddin 4 32 Don Buddin 3
260 Frank Malzone 4 220 Frank Malzone 2
227 Gene Stephens 4 521 Gary Geiger 8
280 Jimmy Piersall 4 261 Gene Stephens 2
130 Jackie Jensen 4 400 Jackie Jensen 2


1961 Red Sox Opening Day card

1960 Topps


1961 Topps


474 Haywood Sullivan 3 53 Russ Nixon 1
439 Tom Brewer 2 562 Bill Monboquette 13
426 Ron Jackson 2 340 Vic Wertz 1
15 Pete Runnels 2 499 Chuck Schilling 3
520 Don Buddin 6 454 Pumpsie Green 3
310 Frank Malzone 2 210 Pete Runnels 1
n/a Ted Williams 287 Carl Yastrzemski 20
153 Bobby Thomson 2 33 Gary Geiger 1
363 Gene Stephens 2 540 Jackie Jensen 13

1962 Topps


1963 Topps


523 Russ Nixon 8 384 Bob Tillman 2
35 Don Schwall 2 480 Bill Monboquette 10
3 Pete Runnels 2 285 Dick Stuart 2
345 Chuck Schilling 3 52 Chuck Schilling 2
504 Eddie Bressoud 5 188 Eddie Bressoud 2
225 Frank Malzone 2 232 Frank Malzone 2
425 Carl Yastrzemski 60 115 Carl Yastrzemski 15
117 Gary Geiger 2 432 Roman Mejias 2
101 Carroll Hardy 2 96 Lou Clinton 2

1964 Topps


1965 Topps


329 Russ Nixon 2 222 Bob Tillman 1
305 Jack Lamabe 2 142 Bill Monboquette 1
410 Dick Stuart 3 111 Lee Thomas 1
459 Dalton Jones 3 29 Felix Mantilla 1
352 Eddie Bressoud 2 74 Rico Petrocelli 4
60 Frank Malzone 2 315 Frank Malzone 2
210 Carl Yastrzemski 15 385 Carl Yastrzemski 30
287 Tony Conigliaro 20 588 Lenny Green 3
526 Lou Clinton 6 55 Tony Conigliaro 6

1966 Topps


1967 Topps


419 Mike Ryan 2 223 Mike Ryan 1
575 Earl Wilson 6 371 Jim Lonborg 2
n/a Tony Horton 75 George Scott 1
542 George Smith 6 314 Reggie Smith 1
298 Rico Petrocelli 1 528 Rico Petrocelli 3
558 George Scott 6 331 Joe Foy 1
70 Carl Yastrzemski 13 355 Carl Yastrzemski 30
277 George Thomas 1 56 Jose Tartabull 1
380 Tony Conigliaro 2 280 Tony Conigliaro 3

1968 Topps


1969 Topps


167 Elston Howard 1 89 Russ Gibson 1
272 Ray Culp 1 391 Ray Culp 1
233 George Scott 1 240 Ken Harrelson 1
502 Mike Andrews 2 52 Mike Andrews 1
430 Rico Petrocelli 1 215 Rico Petrocelli 1
106 Dalton Jones 1 574 George Scott 1
250 Carl Yastrzemski 13 130 Carl Yastrzemski 8
61 Reggie Smith 1 660 Reggie Smith 1
n/a Joe Lahoud 330 Tony Conigliaro 1

1970 Topps


1971 Topps


104 Gerry Moses 1 n/a Duane Josephson
144 Ray Culp 1 660 Ray Culp 3
385 George Scott 1 9 George Scott 1
406 Mike Andrews 1 176 Doug Griffin 1
680 Rico Petrocelli 4 740 Luis Aparicio 13
317 Luis Alvarado 1 340 Rico Petrocelli 1
10 Carl Yastrzemski 8 530 Carl Yastrzemski 13
215 Reggie Smith 1 114 Billy Conigliaro 1
340 Tony Conigliaro 1 305 Reggie Smith 1

1972 Topps


1973 Topps


543 Duane Josephson 2 193 Carlton Fisk 4
2 Ray Culp 1 270 Luis Tiant 1
676 Danny Cater 5 245 Carl Yastrzemski 4
703 Doug Griffin 5 96 Doug Griffin 1
313 Luis Aparicio 1 165 Luis Aparicio 2
30 Rico Petrocelli 1 365 Rico Petrocelli 1
37 Carl Yastrzemski 4 620 Tommy Harper 1
455 Tommy Harper 1 40 Reggie Smith 1
565 Reggie Smith 2 614 Dwight Evans 8

1974 Topps


1975 Topps


301 Bob Montgomery .20 559 Bob Montgomery .20
167 Luis Tiant .20 430 Luis Tiant .20
280 Carl Yastrzemski 5 280 Carl Yastrzemski 5
219 Doug Griffin .20 454 Doug Griffin .20
192 Mario Guerrero .20 302 Rick Burleson .20
n/a Terry Hughes 356 Rico Petrocelli .20
325 Tommy Harper .20 601 Juan Beniquez .20
247 Rick Miller .20 622 Fred Lynn 3
621 Bernie Carbo .20 255 Dwight Evans .20

1976 Topps


1977 Topps


365 Carlton Fisk 3 640 Carlton Fisk 2
396 Bill Lee .15 430 Fergie Jenkins 1
230 Carl Yastrzemski 4 n/a George Scott
381 Denny Doyle .15 336 Denny Doyle .15
29 Rick Burleson .15 585 Rick Burleson .15
445 Rico Petrocelli .15 89 Butch Hobson .15
340 Jim Rice 2 60 Jim Rice 1
50 Fred Lynn .15 25 Dwight Evans .15
575 Dwight Evans .15 480 Carl Yastrzemski 3

1978 Topps


1979 Topps


270 Carlton Fisk 2 423 Bob Montgomery .10
n/a Dennis Eckersley 40 Dennis Eckersley 1
n/a George Scott 645 George Scott .10
n/a Jerry Remy 618 Jerry Remy .10
245 Rick Burleson .10 125 Rick Burleson .10
155 Butch Hobson .10 63 Jack Brohamer .10
40 Carl Yastrzemski 3 320 Carl Yastrzemski 2
320 Fred Lynn .10 480 Fred Lynn .10
695 Dwight Evans .10 155 Dwight Evans .10

1980 Topps


1981 Topps


40 Carlton Fisk 1 128 Gary Allenson .05
320 Dennis Eckersley .10 620 Dennis Eckersley .05
n/a Tony Perez .10 575 Tony Perez .05
155 Jerry Remy .10 81 Dave Stapleton .05
645 Rick Burleson .10 349 Glenn Hoffman .05
349 Jack Brohamer .10 788 Carney Lansford .05
200 Jim Rice .10 500 Jim Rice .05
110 Fred Lynn .10 803 Rick Miller .05
405 Dwight Evans .10 275 Dwight Evans .05

1982 Topps


1983 Topps


59 Rich Gedman .05 602 Rich Gedman .05
225 Mike Torrez .05 270 Dennis Eckersley .25
598 Dave Stapleton .05 239 Dave Stapleton .05
25 Jerry Remy .05 628 Julio Valdez .05
189 Glenn Hoffman .05 108 Glenn Hoffman .05
91 Carney Lansford .05 498 Wade Boggs 6
750 Jim Rice .05 30 Jim Rice .25
717 Rick Miller .05 4T Tony Armas .05
355 Dwight Evans .05 135 Dwight Evans .25

1984 Topps


1985 Topps


498 Rich Gedman .05 529 Rich Gedman .05
213 Bruce Hurst .05 116 Dennis Boyd .05
653 Dave Stapleton .05 65 Bill Buckner .05
445 Jerry Remy .05 298 Marty Barrett .05
523 Glenn Hoffman .05 89 Jackie Gutierrez .05
30 Wade Boggs 1 350 Wade Boggs .25
550 Jim Rice .05 150 Jim Rice .25
105 Tony Armas .05 785 Tony Armas .05
720 Dwight Evans .05 580 Dwight Evans .25

1986 Topps


1987 Topps


375 Rich Gedman .02 66 Marc Sullivan .01
605 Dennis Boyd .02 705 Bruce Hurst .01
443 Bill Buckner .02 764 Bill Buckner .01
734 Marty Barrett .02 39 Marty Barrett .01
95T Ed Romero .02 591 Spike Owen .01
510 Wade Boggs .15 150 Wade Boggs .01
320 Jim Rice .15 480 Jim Rice .01
255 Tony Armas .02 452 Dave Henderson .01
60 Dwight Evans .15 645 Dwight Evans .01

1988 Topps


1989 Topps


245 Rich Gedman .01 652 Rich Gedman .01
70 Roger Clemens 1 71 Mike Boddicker .01
470 Dwight Evans .01 29T Nick Esasky .01
525 Marty Barrett .01 155 Marty Barrett .01
733 Spike Owen .01 734 Jody Reed .01
200 Wade Boggs .01 600 Wade Boggs .01
675 Jim Rice .01 630 Mike Greenwell .01
5T Brady Anderson .01 785 Ellis Burks .01
493 Mike Greenwell .01 205 Dwight Evans .01

1990 Topps


1991 Topps


90T Tony Pena .01 375 Tony Pena .01
245 Roger Clemens 1 26T Danny Darwin .01
n/a Billy Joe Robidoux 206 Carlos Quintana .01
355 Marty Barrett .01 247 Jody Reed .01
96 Jody Reed .01 702 Tim Naehring .01
760 Wade Boggs .10 450 Wade Boggs .01
70 Mike Greenwell .01 792 Mike Greenwell .01
155 Ellis Burks .01 70 Ellis Burks .01
105T Kevin Romine .01 675 Tom Brunansky .01

1992 Topps


1993 Topps


569 Tony Pena .01 618 Tony Pena .02
125T Frank Viola .01 270 Frank Viola .02
59 Mo Vaughn .01 51 Mo Vaughn .02
598 Jody Reed .01 n/a Scott Fletcher
97 Luis Rivera .01 296 Luis Rivera .02
10 Wade Boggs .10 655 Scott Cooper .02
113 Mike Greenwell .01 323 Mike Greenwell .02
416 Ellis Burks .01 725 Billy Hatcher .02
782 Phil Plantier .01 n/a Carlos Quintana

1994 Topps


1995 Topps


n/a Dave Valle 37T Mike MacFarlane .05
720 Roger Clemens 1 301 Aaron Sele .05
690 Mo Vaughn .02 205 Mo Vaughn .05
169 Scott Fletcher .02 n/a Luis Alicea
568 John Valentin .02 36 John Valentin .05
235 Scott Cooper .02 329 Tim Naehring .05
502 Mike Greenwell .02 215 Mike Greenwell .05
40T Otis Nixon .02 n/a Lee Tinsley
26 Billy Hatcher .02 102T Mark Whiten .05

1996 Topps


1997 Topps


n/a Mike Stanley n/a Bill Haselman
n/a Tom Gordon n/a Steve Avery
274 Mo Vaughn .07 450 Mo Vaughn .07
n/a Wil Cordero 134 John Valentin .07
164 John Valentin .07 293 Nomar Garciaparra .50
63 Tim Naehring .07 230 Tim Naehring .07
143 Mike Greenwell .07 394 Wil Cordero .07
91 Troy O’Leary .07 n/a Shane Mack
n/a Kevin Mitchell n/a Rudy Pemberton

1998 Topps


1999 Topps


n/a Jason Varitek n/a Jason Varitek
485 Brian Rose .07 122 Brett Saberhagen .07
14 Mo Vaughn .07 n/a Mike Stanley
n/a Mark Lemke n/a Jeff Frye
335 Nomar Garciaparra .30 n/a Donnie Sadler
452 John Valentin .07 164 John Valentin .07
178 Darren Bragg .07 288 Troy O’Leary .07
n/a Damon Buford n/a Damon Buford
n/a Darren Lewis 157 Darren Lewis .07


2000 Red Sox Opening Day starters

2000 Topps


2001 Topps


n/a Jason Varitek n/a Jason Varitek
60 Pedro Martinez .25 n/a Tomo Ohka
176 Mike Stanley .07 434 Brian Daubach .07
152 Jose Offerman .07 102 Jose Offerman .07
435 Nomar Garciaparra .25 597 Mike Lansing .07
443 Wilton Veras .07 67T Shea Hillenbrand .07
356 Troy O’Leary .07 594 Troy O’Leary .07
267 Carl Everett .07 221 Carl Everett .07
269 Trot Nixon .07 561 Trot Nixon .07


2003 Red Sox Opening Day starters

2002 Topps


2003 Topps


n/a Jason Varitek n/a Jason Varitek
1 Pedro Martinez .20 341 Pedro Martinez .20
465 Tony Clark .07 52T David Ortiz .20
92T Rey Sanchez .07 12T Todd Walker .07
420 Nomar Garciaparra .30 250 Nomar Garciaparra .20
197 Shea Hillenbrand .07 411 Shea Hillenbrand .07
125 Manny Ramirez .20 337 Manny Ramirez .20
T98 Johnny Damon .20 173 Johnny Damon .20
44 Trot Nixon .07 471 Kevin Millar .07

2004 Topps


2005 Topps


n/a Jason Varitek n/a Doug Mirabelli
405 Pedro Martinez .20 74 Tim Wakefield .07
623 David Ortiz .20 131 Kevin Millar .07
569 Mark Bellhorn .07 24 Mark Bellhorn .07
1T Pokey Reese .07 75U Edgar Renteria .07
164 Bill Mueller .07 179 Bill Mueller .07
220 Manny Ramirez .20 390 Manny Ramirez .20
82 Johnny Damon .20 5 Johnny Damon .20
17 Kevin Millar .07 154 Trot Nixon .07

2006 Topps


2007 Topps


n/a Jason Varitek 16 Jason Varitek .07
135 Josh Beckett .20 444 Josh Beckett .20
407 Kevin Youkilis .20 475 Kevin Youkilis .20
514 Mark Loretta .07 578 Dustin Pedroia .20
93 Alex Gonzalez .07 11 Julio Lugo .07
476 Mike Lowell .07 83 Mike Lowell .07
50 Manny Ramirez .20 315 Manny Ramirez .20
n/a Adam Stern 413 Coco Crisp .07
474 Trot Nixon .07 12 J.D. Drew .07

2008 Topps


2009 Topps


122 Jason Varitek .12 359 Jason Varitek .15
20 Daisuk Matsuzaka .30 415 Josh Beckett .15
104 Kevin Youkilis .30 115 Kevin Youkilis .15
178 Dustin Pedroia .30 66 Dustin Pedroia .40
386 Julio Lugo .12 77 Jed Lowrie .15
64 Mike Lowell .12 28 Mike Lowell .15
200 Manny Ramirez .30 89 Jason Bay .15
586 Coco Crisp .12 660 Jacoby Ellsbury .40
552 J.D. Drew .12 648 J.D. Drew .15

2010 Red Sox Opening Day starters

2010 Red Sox Opening Day starters

2010 Topps


2011 Topps


30 Victor Martinez .15 372 J. Saltalamacchia .15
210 Josh Beckett .15 406 John Lackey .15
295 Kevin Youkilis .15 425 Adrian Gonzalez .40
650 Dustin Pedroia .40 480 Dustin Pedroia .40
US163 Marco Scutaro .15 278 Marco Scutaro .15
US145 Adrian Beltre .40 500 Kevin Youkilis .15
569 Jacoby Ellsbury .40 25 Carl Crawford .15
US142 Mike Cameron .15 351 Jacoby Ellsbury .40
380 J.D. Drew .15 653 J.D. Drew .15

2012 Topps


2013 Topps


193 Kelly Shoppach .15 n/a David Ross
648 Josh Beckett .40 503 Clay Buchholz .15
50 Adrian Gonzalez .40 659 Mike Napoli .40
540 Dustin Pedroia .40 15 Dustin Pedroia .40
441 Mike Aviles .15 423 Jose Iglesias .15
160 Kevin Youkilis .15 64 Will Middlebrooks .15
US282 D. McDonald .15 66 Dan Nava .15
170 Jacoby Ellsbury .40 241 Jacoby Ellsbury .40
610 Cody Ross .15 399 Shane Victorino .15

2014 Topps


2015 Topps
595 A.J. Pierzynski .15 * Sandy Leon
307 Jake Peavy .15 * Rick Porcello
22 Mike Napoli .15 130 Mike Napoli
166 Dustin Pedroia .25 75 Dustin Pedroia
133 Xander Bogaerts .25 327 Xander Bogaerts
136 Will Middlebrooks .15 * Pablo Sandoval
11 Mike Carp .15 * Hanley Ramirez
n/a Grady Sizemore * Mookie Betts
362 Daniel Nava .15 * Shane Victorino

* No card series 1 for these 2015 cards

Butch is ready to sell this special collection to a Red Sox fan. He can be emailed here.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Collectors

All collectors need supplies to keep their favorite items safe and would appreciate supplies as a gift. If your friend or family member is a collector in one of the hobbies listed below, you can’t go wrong with these affordable gift ideas:

BCW Card Toploaders, Magnetics, and Baseball Cube

BCW card toploaders, magnetics, and a baseball cube

Sports Cards & Memorabilia Collecting

A pack of card sleeves for standard cards and another pack of sleeves for thicker cards are essential for sports card collectors. Toploading card holders for standard and thick cards are also popular. Magnetic card holders are great for special cards. If you know the collector keeps cards in 3-ring binders, try some BCW 9-Pocket Pages. If you’re looking to introduce a child to this hobby, try a BCW Sports Card Collector Starter Kit. If this person is a seasoned veteran with a large collection, BCW card boxes are a nice gift.

BCW Comic Book Frame, Comic Book Showcase, and Comic Book “Pow” Box

BCW Comic Book Frame, Comic Book Showcase, and Comic Book “Pow” Box

Comic Collecting

Comic Book Bags and Boards are the traditional way to protect comics. Select a pack of BCW Premade Bags & Boards and a BCW Stor-Folio for a nice combo gift. We also offer a Stor-Folio that includes ten assorted comics. If the recipient has a large comic book collection, a BCW Short Comic Box works well to keep the comics organized and safe. Comic Book Showcases and Comic Book Frames are perfect for displaying comics on a wall. If you are introducing someone to comic book collecting, a BCW Comic Book Starter Kit would be a good choice.

BCW Z-Folio, Deck Lockers, Deck Guards and Pro-Folio

BCW Z-Folio, Deck Lockers, Deck Guards and Pro-Folio

Card Gaming

For gamers playing Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon, or similar games with standard-sized cards, BCW offers several gift options. A BCW Deck Case along with two packs of Deck Guards will complement a deck of gaming cards. If the recipient collects or trades valuable gaming cards, a BCW Folio may make a better gift choice.

Coin & Currency Collecting

For coin and currency collectors, a BCW 3-Ring Binder along with some archival-safe pages for bills and coins makes a nice gift. For someone new to this hobby, a BCW Coin Collector Starter Kit is a good choice.

Record Collecting

If your friend or family member collects music records, BCW 33RPM and 45RPM boxes are nice for organizing and protecting the records. New record sleeves, jackets, and toploaders would be appreciated by these collectors. See all BCW record supplies.

Postcard Collecting

Collectors of postcards may prefer to store their postcards in protective sleeves and placed in boxes or they may prefer to use 3-ring binders and protective pages. See all BCW postcard supplies.

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Traditionally, shipping companies established delivery costs based on the weight of a package – the heavier the package, the more the shipping expense. However large packages that are lightweight are not profitable to the shipping companies since these light packages earn very little money while they take-up a lot of space in a truck. Hence a lot of fuel is spent to deliver fewer packages.

By January 1st, 2015, both UPS Ground and FedEx Ground will be charging for shipping based on billable weight. This includes shipments originating from BCW Supplies. There are two factors that determine the billable weight. The first is the weight of the package. The second factor is the package’s dimensional weight. The dimensional weight is the package’s density – how much it weighs for its height, length and depth. The shipping company then compares the package’s overall weight and the dimensional weight. Whichever value is greater is the package’s billable weight.

Getting an accurate weight and dimension of BCW packages is key to efficient shipping.

Recording an accurate weight and dimensions of packages is key to efficient shipping.

These changes are expected to impact the shipping costs of BCW products. For example, a box of 200 unfolded BCW trading card boxes (1-BX-660) is lightweight (43.1-lbs.), yet has a relatively large size (5.16 cubic feet). The old shipping cost was based on the package’s overall weight, but the cost for the dimensional weight is greater. Therefore the billable weight for this example has increased.

In general, consumers will see shipping costs increase for large, yet lightweight goods. Smart hobby supply distributors and retailers will be able to use this change to their advantage. Because it will be more expensive for consumers to buy goods online, consumers will turn to their local hobby shop to purchase their hobby supplies.

For consumers ordering at www.bcwsupplies.com, users can select their delivery method and see the shipping costs before checking-out. UPS Ground is our default shipping service based on their cost and reliability to deliver goods on time and undamaged. BCW is constantly evaluating the price of our products, the shipping costs, and the potential delivery methods in order to provide the best products and service at the best price.

For BCW partners utilizing BCW’s Drop Shipping program, they should refer to BCW’s Wholesale Price Sheet (updated 12/1/14) to utilize the most up-to-date dimensional weight data to establish their shipping costs.

From more information regarding shipments from BCW Supplies, please view our Shipping Policy.

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2015 Indy Eleven Team-Signed Ball Sweepstakes

Enter for a chance to win an Indy Eleven team-signed Diadora soccer ball (signed by the spring 2015 team roster). The prize also includes a BCW Soccer Ball Display Case. Enter below by Sunday, Oct. 25th, 2015.

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