Printed Comic Book Boxes

Although white comic boxes are the standard for protecting and storing comic book collections, there are now several great options for colorful, printed comic book boxes. Until recently, finding a printed comic box was rare.  A Little Shop of Comics in New Jersey had the Marvel box seen below in their collection. This Marvel Comic Book Collection Box was offered by the Collectors Marketing Corp. in 1989.

Marvel Comic Book Collection Box, Collectors Marketing Group, 1989

Marvel Comic Book Collection Box, Collectors Marketing Group, 1989

BCW Supplies now prints several designs of comic book boxes. These are all based on the BCW Short Box which can hold 150-175 bagged and boarded comic books and are made from a strong cardboard with double thickness on the ends and bottom of the box. These are BCW’s printed comic boxes, as of June, 2016:

BCW is considering more designs. See all BCW printed Short Comic Boxes to find an up-to-date list.

BCW Supplies also sells printed comic boxes from Boxes in Action. BiA introduces new designs often, so please check for an up-to-date list.

See all BCW comic book boxes.


2 thoughts on “Printed Comic Book Boxes

  1. Hello, I have a box just like this one, filled with thor comics, I really want to find the value of these. the box and all the comics are in great condition.

    • Luis, I recommend doing online research to see if you have any valuable comics in your collection. You’ll want to know the basic value of your comics before you talk to a comic shop or other potential buyer.

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