Double Sleeving Gaming Cards

Gamers sleeve their cards to protect their cards, to identify a particular deck, to make shuffling easier, and to express their individuality. For added protection, some players prefer to double sleeve their cards. The added layers from double sleeving make the cards more rigid, which may be a positive or negative quality, depending on the player’s shuffling method and the the desired level of protection.

For regular sleeves, BCW offers Deck Guards in 10 colors. The colored Deck Guards are double matte sleeves, meaning both the colored layer and the clear layer have a textured finish to reduce glare. BCW also carries Clear Deck Guards (not matte finish). The Clear Deck Guards differ from BCW’s standard “penny sleeves” as the Clear Deck Guards are made from thicker plastic.


Stacks of 60 cards

BCW offers two choices for inner sleeves – Regular Inner Sleeves and Resealable Inner Sleeves. Both styles fit perfectly inside BCW Deck Guards, but the process of double sleeving takes more time and precision. The Resealable Inner Sleeves have a 1-inch flap that folds onto the back of your card and a low-tack adhesive with a tear-away strip allows you to easily seal the card.

A card enclosed in a BCW Resealable Inner Sleeve and then in a Deck Guard is not entirely waterproof, but will save your card if someone spills a drink on the table. When double sleeving your cards, place the cards in the inner sleeves in the inverted direction. Then place these in the Deck Guards (outer sleeves) in the normal upright position. Therefore your cards will not have any exposed edges.


A standard Bridge/Ripple shuffle technique


A Waterfall shuffling technique

As double sleeved cards are thicker and more rigid than single sleeved cards, you may want to adjust your shuffling technique.

The overall thickness of your deck will naturally correlate to your choice to single sleeve or double sleeve your cards. Even the flap from the Resealable Inner Sleeves will slightly alter how your deck stands as seen in the photo above. Make sure you accommodate for the thickness of your sleeves when selecting a Deck Case.

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