LX Gaming Supplies in Four New Colors

BCW now offers some of our most popular gaming products in additional colors! The products listed below were originally available in our black, white, red, green, and blue leatherette material (LX). These four items are now also available in teal, purple, pink, and orange:

See the full line of BCW Gaming Products.

BCW Masterpieces Sweepstakes at the 2016 GTS Come and Play Day

Congratulations to the winner of the Masterpieces Sweepstakes – Randall from Rocket’s Hideout Cards and Games.

One retail guest at the 2016 GTS Come and Play Day will win The BCW Masterpieces Sweepstakes! Prize includes four Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh Masterpieces in mint condition, one BCW 12-Pocket Z-Folio, one BCW Deck Locker LX, five packs of BCW Inner Sleeves, and ten packs of BCW Deck Guards!



Each retail guest attending the GTS Come and Play Day trade show can enter the contest once. Gaming shops can learn more about the October 24-26, Atlanta, Come and Play Day by contacting their GTS representative.


Retail guests must visit the BCW Supplies booth in the show’s exhibit hall on Tuesday, October 25th, 2017. The exhibit hall opens at 1:00 pm, and you need to enter the sweepstakes before 4:30 pm. Ken and Rick at the BCW Supplies booth will provide each participant with a numbered ticket, and place a matching ticket in the contest entry box. KEEP YOUR TICKET… the winner will be randomly selected at 4:45 pm, and you’ll need to be present to win!


One prize will be awarded. The prize will include these four Magic: The Gathering Masterpieces (Kaladesh block) cards in mint condition:

The prize will also include these BCW card supplies:

The winner will receive the prize at the trade show. If the winner cannot get the card supplies in the color of their choice at the trade show, the supplies will be shipped to the winner. The approximate retail value of the prize is $599.


A random drawing from all eligible entries will be performed at the BCW Supplies booth on Tuesday, October 25th, 2017 at 4:45 pm. The potential winner’s ticket number will be announced. To claim the prize, the potential winner must provide the ticket with the matching number. After announcing the potential winner’s number, the individual will have two minutes to claim the prize. If the potential winner does not claim the prize within two minutes, that number will be disqualified, and another ticket will be selected from the entry box. This process will proceed until a winner is selected.

2016 BCW Fetch Lands Sweepstakes

Thank you to everyone that entered our Fetch Lands Sweepstakes at Gen Con!
Congratulations to Rui, the prize winner.

One 2016 Gen Con attendee will win the 2016 BCW Fetch Lands Sweepstakes! To enter, fill-out the entry form in the Gen Con Coupon Book and drop your form in the entry box at the BCW booth (1559) during the August 4th-7th Gen Con in Indianapolis. Enter by noon on Sunday, August 7th.

The prize includes:

  • Four Magic: The Gathering Flooded Strand cards (Khans of Tarkir edition)
  • Four Magic: The Gathering Polluted Delta cards (Khans of Tarkir edition)
  • Four Magic: The Gathering Bloodstrained Mire cards( Khans of Tarkir edition)
  • Four Magic: The Gathering Wooded Foothills cards (Khans of Tarkir edition)
  • Four Magic: The Gathering Windswept Heath cards (Khans of Tarkir edition)
  • One BCW 12-Pocket Z-Folio (winner selects color)
  • Ten 50 ct. packs of BCW Deck Guards (winner selects color)
  • Five 100 ct. packs of BCW Inner Sleeves
  • One BCW Commander Deck Locker LT Brown
  • One BCW Playmat (winner selects color)

See the 2016 BCW Fetch Lands Sweepstakes Official Rules for details.

Organizing your Doomtown Cards… Shootouts, Dudes, and Boot Hill!


BCW 9-pocket sideloading pages are an excellent way to sort and separate you card collection. The colors were chosen such that Magic, Pokemon, and YuGiOh players can easily sort the cards into matching pages. Even if you don’t play these games, the different colors can be employed for sorting the game you do play.

I used 9 different colors and also clear pages to create the sorting separation for my Doomtown: Reloaded Binders. What’s Doomtown? Doomtown is a flavorful card game based in the Weird West, think twisted history mixed with magic, that involves various factions vying for control of a California boomtown. The wild west flavor is further demonstrated with a clever combat system that involves a series of poker hands, and cheating as well is part of the game.

Fixed releases (no randomized booster packs to buy!) and living card style of the game means that I have (at least) four of every card. Unless otherwise used in a deck, all my cards are in binders. This means that most of the cards in my binders are in sets of four, back-to-back. While this makes for some heavy pages, the plastic pages accommodates the weight just fine. When I’m looking for a card, the colored pages and their interior organization makes finding what I’m looking for easy.

a.k.a. Marshal Possum

BCW Solutions to Store a Huge Collection of Cards

Do you need to store a huge collection of cards? The BCW Card House and Shoe Box House are great solutions.

The Card House holds twelve 800 Boxes (1-piece) or 802 Boxes (2-piece). The Shoe Box House holds six Shoe Boxes.

The Card House holds twelve 800 Boxes (1-piece) or 802 Boxes (2-piece). The Shoe Box House holds six Shoe Boxes.

A full Card House or Shoe Box House can hold about 9,600 traditional sports cards or 13,680 thinner gaming cards. Each of the two rows in a Shoe Box are wider than the single row of a 800 or 802 Box, so a Shoe Box can accommodate card toploaders and other card holders. An entire Shoe House (6 Shoe Boxes) can hold about 2,100 toploaders.

Challenge A Guru during Friday Night Magic

Can you defeat a Magic: The Gathering pro-level player? During special Friday Night Magic events, you can answer this question when you “Challenge a Guru”. Members of Team Metagame Gurus may be visiting a game shop near you!

Captained by Jim Davis, Team Metagame Gurus is comprised of highly ranked MTG players. Meat Team MGG. While members of the team compete at GPs and WOTC pro events, they focus on the Star City Tour Open Series. The Challenge a Guru events are normally held in conjunction with Friday Night Magic at a game shop near the respective SCG Open convention center. When Challenge a Guru events are scheduled, they will be announced on Facebook and Twitter by BCW Supplies.

Challenge a Guru events are free for the gamers, but players are encouraged to participate in the store’s FNM. So everyone that wants to Challenge a Guru gets a chance, these are single “gunslinging” games. The challenger can select from Standard, Modern or Legacy format. Rick from BCW Supplies manages the schedule – just inform him you want to “Challenge a Guru” before it gets too late in the night.

If you defeat a Guru in a game of Magic, you’ll receive swag from BCW Supplies. This normally includes a BCW Deck Case LX and an “I Beat a Guru” t-shirt, although the prizes may vary. Inked Gaming usually throws in some cool playmats too!

Thank you to all of the shops that have hosted Challenge a Guru events, including:

  • Comic Town, Columbus, OH
  • Battlegrounds, Midlothian, VA
  • Games and Stuff, Glen Burnie, MD
  • Game Time, Indianapolis, IN
  • Madness Games and Comics, Dallas, TX
  • MTG First, Glen Burnie, MD
  • Through The Decades Cards, Louisville, KY
  • Gamingetc.com, Acton, MA
  • Win Condition Games, Kennesaw, GA
  • Super Games, Roswell, GA
  • Card Monster, Knoxville,TN
  • Campus Cards, Orlando, FL
  • Play the Game Read the Story, Syracuse, NY
  • Pink Bunny Games, South Milwaukee, WI
  • The Wasteland Gaming, Duluth, GA


2016 BCW Card Playset Sweepstakes

This sweepstakes has concluded. Thank you to everyone that participated. Congratulations to the winner, Adam C.

Enter below by Sunday, June 19th, 2016 for a chance to win the pictured Snapcaster Mage playset and BCW card supplies!

Snapcaster Playset

The prize includes:

2016 BCW Card Playset Sweepstakes Official Rules: No purchase is necessary to enter. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States, age 18 or older at the time of entry. One prize, listed above, will be awarded. The approximate retail value of the prize is $313.65. The entry deadline is Sunday, June 19th, 2016. One entry will be accepted per valid email address. The winner will be randomly selected on or around Monday, June 20th, 2016. The potential winner will be notified by the email provided on the entry form. The potential winner will have 7 days from when the email is sent to respond and claim the prize. If the potential winner does not respond within 7 days, BCW will notify another potential winner, and so forth, until the prize is awarded. This sweepstakes is managed by BCW Supplies. BCW has the right to update the Official Rules if any unforeseen situations arise.

Are you attending the 2016 Gen Con in Indy?
Enter BCW’s Fetch Lands Sweepstakes at Gen Con.

BCW Prize Packs for Card Game Tournaments

BCW wants to support game shops when they manage large Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon or other card game tournaments. BCW will provide prizes for the Top 8 finishers and samples for the judges when the tournament meets these basic criteria:

  1. The tournament must be managed by a “brick & mortar” game shop, or a trusted tournament organizing company, and be publicly promoted.
  2. The tournament must offer a contestant prize pool of $5,000 or more.
  3. The request for prize support must be communicated at least one month before the event (see below).
  4. In advance of the event, the event manager must promote on their social media channels that BCW prize packages will be awarded to the Top 8 finishers, showing a picture of a prize pack.
  5. The prize packs and judge samples will only be shipped to one U.S. commercial address (mainland 48 states).

Each of the Top 8 finishers (main event only) will receive a BCW prize package that includes two packs of BCW Deck Guards and one BCW Deck Locker. BCW reserves the right to alter this prize package when needed, but changes will only be improvements to the package. Official judges at these events will also receive BCW promotional items.

BCW Deck Locker LX and Deck Guards

BCW Deck Locker LX and Deck Guards

For a qualified game shop to receive these prize packs and judge samples, please contact Ted Litvan, BCW Supplies Marketing Manager, using this contact form. Please provide the URL of the webpage describing the event, and let me know the number of judges at the event.

MTG Battle for Zendikar Prerelease Packages from PHD

Gaming shops can sanction their MTG Battle For Zendikar prerelease on the Wizards Event Reporter by August 16th, 2015. When shops select PHD as their distributor, they can receive BCW Prize Packs and more! Below are three awesome reasons why PHD is the best distributor choice for your Battle For Zendikar Prerelease:

First, shops can receive one of three BCW Prize Packages listed below. The package size a shop receives is based on the shop’s historical player numbers from WOTC.

18 – 36 Players

  • 2 x Tandem White* Deck Cases
  • 4 x Matte Yellow* Deck Guards
  • 2 x Packs of Inner Sleeves
  • 1 x Clear Deck Keeper
  • 2 x Black* Playmat2
  • 1 x 8-pocket Pro-Folio
  • 1 x Deck Locker

54-126 Players

  • 2 x Red* Tandem Deck Cases
  • 2 x Blue* Tandem Deck Cases
  • 5 x Matte Orange* Deck Guards
  • 5 x Packs of Inner Sleeves
  • 2 x Clear Deck Keepers
  • 1 x Black 8-Pocket Pro-Folio
  • 2 x Blue* Playmats
  • 2 x 12-Pocket Z-Folios
  • 2 x Deck Locker

144+ Players

  • 5 x Tandem Green* Deck Cases
  • 10 x Matte Yellow* Deck Guards
  • 10 x Packs of Inner Sleeves
  • 5 x Clear Deck Keepers
  • 5 x Red* Playmats
  • 6 x 12-Pocket Z-Folios
  • 5 x Deck Lockers
  • 5 x Black 8-Pocket Pro-Folios

PHD-PreRelease-Fall2015-LRG* colors may vary

If gaming shops want to craft their own prize pack instead of the prebuilt BCW Prize Packages, they can receive a $.75 per player credit with PHD. Total credit is based on the store’s player historical allocations provided by Wizards of the Coast and does not include growth allocations.

Second, when shops select PHD as their prerelease distributor, they qualify for a GUARANTEED minimum 30 Booster Boxes of Battle for Zendikar at release!

Third, shops that select PHD as their prerelease distributor have access to a special sales list.

Shops can contact their PHD Account Manager for details.

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Enter the BCW Card Playset Sweepstakes

Enter for a chance to win the Grand Prize in the BCW Card Playset Sweepstakes! One participant will win:

Enter Here by June 22nd, 2015 for your chance to win.

No purchase is necessary to enter. See the 2015 BCW

Card Playset Sweepstakes Official Rules for more information.