BCW Burn Deck Sweepstakes at 2017 Gen Con

Thank you to everyone that entered the sweepstakes at our 2017 Gen Con booth. Congratulations to Veronica B., the prize winner!

2017 Gen Con attendees – enter for a chance to win a complete Magic: The Gathering Burn Deck and BCW card supplies! Simply complete the entry form found in the Gen Con Coupon Book and drop the form in the entry box found at the BCW Supplies booth (2901) in the Gen Con exhibit hall. Enter by 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. One winner will be randomly selected at the BCW Supplies booth on Sunday at 1:15 p.m. and the winner will be notified using the contact information provided on the entry form. See the Official Rules below for details.

There are few things in Magic as consistent as “cast lightning bolt targeting you.” Modern burn has always served as a litmus test for the format, providing speed and consistency that threatens to kill on turn four almost every game.
– Jim Davis, Captain of Team Metagame Gurus

Not attending the 2017 Gen Con… BCW is also managing an online sweepstakes for you! Enter here by 8/28/17 for a chance to win a playset of Liliana of the Veil Magic: The Gathering cards and BCW card supplies.

BCW Burn Deck Sweepstakes at 2017 Gen Con – Official Rules


The sweepstakes is open to all attendees at the 2017 Gen Con. There is no purchase necessary to enter the sweepstakes, however Gen Con attendees are required to have an admission badge. More information about Gen Con badge registration is available at www.gencon.com.

How to Enter:

To enter the sweepstakes, an attendee at the 2017 Gen Con must complete the BCW Burn Deck Sweepstakes entry form found in the Gen Con Coupon Book. The Coupon Book is provided to attendees after receiving their badge at the Indiana Convention Center. If you do not receive a Coupon Book after receiving your Gen Con badge, or if you received your badge in the mail, please ask at the Gen Con registration table where you can receive your Coupon Book. An attendee can enter the 2017 BCW Burn Deck Sweepstakes one time.

Once the entry form has been completed, the form must be dropped in the entry box located at the BCW Supplies booth (2901) in the Gen Con Exhibit Hall in the Indiana Convention Center during the Exhibit Hall hours. All eligible entries must be placed in the entry box by 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 20th, 2017.


One grand prize will be randomly selected from all of the eligible entries. The approximate retail value of the prize is $575. The prize will include:

  1. (2) Grim Lavamancer
  2. (4) Goblin Guide
  3. (4) Eidolon of the Great Revel
  4. (4) Monastery Swiftspear
  5. (4) Skullcrack
  6. (3) Lightning Helix
  7. (3) Searing Blaze (4th below in sideboard)
  8. (4) Rift Bolt
  9. (4) Lava Spike
  10. (4) Lightning Bolt
  11. (4) Boros Charm
  12. (1) Stomping Ground
  13. (3) Sacred Foundry
  14. (2) Mountain
  15. (2) Inspiring Vantage
  16. (4) Arid Mesa
  17. (4) Bloodstained Mire
  18. (4) Wooded Foothills
  19. (1) Searing Blaze
  20. (2) Rest in Peace
  21. (3) Path to Exile
  22. (2) Deflecting Palm
  23. (4) Destructive Revelry
  24. (3) Exquisite Firecraft

Prize Selection and Winner Notification:

One potential winner will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. The selection will be conducted at the BCW Supplies booth at Gen Con at approximately 1:15 p.m. on Sunday, August 20th, 2017. The potential winner will be notified using the contact information provided on the entry form. If the potential winner is still in attendance at Gen Con, they can return to the BCW booth (2901) to claim their prize. If the potential winner is not in attendance and a message is left for the potential winner (email or phone message), the potential winner will have one week to respond to the message to claim the prize. If the potential winner does not respond to the email or phone message within seven days, BCW has the right to select another potential winner, and so forth, until the prize is awarded. If needed, BCW Supplies will ship the prize to the potential winner at BCW’s expense.


The sweepstakes is not valid where prohibited by law. By entering you are permitting BCW Supplies to list your name on the BCW Supplies Facebook page, or other locations, as the winner, if you are selected as a winner. In the unlikely occurrence the prize gets lost, stolen or damaged, BCW will not replace the prize with another prize or money. If a user tampers with the entry form, the user may be expelled from the entry list. BCW Supplies has the right to terminate the sweepstakes if technical issues arise. BCW Supplies will judge decisions about selection of winners and all decisions are final. BCW reserves the right to update the Official Rules if an unexpected issue arises. By entering the sweepstakes and submitting your email address, you are allowing BCW Supplies to send you periodic emails with promotional offers. You can unsubscribe from these emails at anytime. Your email address will not be provided to other businesses with the exception of partners that assist in the sending of BCW Supplies emails. View our Privacy Policy: http://www.bcwsupplies.com/Privacy-Policy.

This sweepstakes is sponsored by BCW Supplies, 514 E. 31st St., Anderson, IN, which is solely responsible for the management of the promotion. Gen Con, Wizards of the Coast, Facebook, Twitter, and any of their affiliates, are not responsible for this promotion.

BCW Prize Packs for Card Game Tournaments

BCW wants to support game shops when they manage large Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon or other card game tournaments. BCW will provide prizes for the Top 8 finishers and samples for the judges when the tournament meets these basic criteria:

  1. The tournament must be managed by a “brick & mortar” game shop, or a trusted tournament organizing company, and be publicly promoted.
  2. The tournament must offer a contestant prize pool of $5,000 or more.
  3. The request for prize support must be communicated at least one month before the event (see below).
  4. In advance of the event, the event manager must promote on their social media channels that BCW prize packages will be awarded to the Top 8 finishers, showing a picture of a prize pack.
  5. The prize packs and judge samples will only be shipped to one U.S. commercial address (mainland 48 states).

Each of the Top 8 finishers (main event only) will receive a BCW prize package that includes two packs of BCW Deck Guards and one BCW Deck Locker. BCW reserves the right to alter this prize package when needed, but changes will only be improvements to the package. Official judges at these events will also receive BCW promotional items.

BCW Deck Locker LX and Deck Guards

BCW Deck Locker LX and Deck Guards

For a qualified game shop to receive these prize packs and judge samples, please contact Ted Litvan, BCW Supplies Marketing Manager, using this contact form. Please provide the URL of the webpage describing the event, and let me know the number of judges at the event.

MTG Fate Reforged Pre-Release Package from GTS!

Card Gaming Shops,

When gaming shops sanction their Magic the Gathering Fate Reforged Pre-Release with WOTC and select GTS Distribution, the shops will receive a premium prize package. The package includes BCW Deck Guards, Deck Cases and Pro-Folios plus playmats from artist Lars Grant-West! The size of your prize pack depends on the size of the store’s Fate Reforged Pre-Release order (see below). Orders need to be placed by 11/23/14. This offer is only valid to approved retailers.

Pre-Release Pack

Choose GTS Distribution

Alpha Prize Package

Mana Prize PackPro Prize PackageEpic Prize PackageLegendary Prize Package

For more information on GTS Distribution, please click here.