Protecting Your Booklet Cards

Booklet cards are hot for sports cards collectors! They are often extra thick with jersey patches and/or autographs. These cards can be stored in a closed format in a hinged or slider box, but most collectors like to store their booklets in the open position to get the full presentation. BCW offers sleeves, toploaders, and bags to enclose the toploaders (the bags can also enclose a magnetic booklet card holder). The supplies listed below are available for booklets in horizontal and vertical formats.

Horizontal Booklet Card Supplies

Horizontal Booklet Card Supplies

Horizontal Booklet Card Sleeves

Horizontal Booklet Card Toploaders

Horizontal Booklet Card Holder Bags

Vertical Booklet Card Supplies

Vertical Booklet Card Supplies

Vertical Booklet Card Sleeves

Vertical Booklet Card Toploaders

Vertical Booklet Card Holder Bags

Is it Safe to Store Collectables in Vinyl Pages or Holders?

BCW Vinyl ProductsCollectors of trading cards, comics, currency and other keepsakes want to store their valuables in a method ensuring their prized items will be safe for years to come. Toploading holders, vinyl coin flips and vinyl pages are a common solution, allowing hobbyists to organize an entire collection in an economical fashion.

At BCW Supplies, we often get asked if our vinyl products offer a safe storing method. To answer the question, let’s take a look at the basic science of vinyl. There are two types of polyvinyl chloride (aka PVC or vinyl). There is flexible vinyl, like the shower curtain that you likely have in your home, and there is rigid vinyl, like the clear, hard plastic that batteries are packaged in. Flexible vinyl has plasticizers in it that keep the vinyl pliable. That is what you smell when you take a vinyl shower curtain out of the package. Under certain conditions, such as excessive heat, the plasticizers from the flexible vinyl can migrate and damage ephemera. This is why we don’t recommend flexible vinyl products for long-term storage (they can, however, be used safely for short-term storage). Rigid vinyl, like the vinyl that we use in our toploaders, does not contain plasticizers and are inert. They will not damage the collectibles stored in them.