BCW Prize Packs for Card Game Tournaments

BCW wants to support game shops when they manage large Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon or other card game tournaments. BCW will provide prizes for the Top 8 finishers and samples for the judges when the tournament meets these basic criteria:

  1. The tournament must be managed by a “brick & mortar” game shop, or a trusted tournament organizing company, and be publicly promoted.
  2. The tournament must offer a contestant prize pool of $5,000 or more.
  3. The request for prize support must be communicated at least one month before the event (see below).
  4. In advance of the event, the event manager must promote on their social media channels that BCW prize packages will be awarded to the Top 8 finishers, showing a picture of a prize pack.
  5. The prize packs and judge samples will only be shipped to one U.S. commercial address (mainland 48 states).

Each of the Top 8 finishers (main event only) will receive a BCW prize package that includes two packs of BCW Deck Guards and one BCW Deck Locker. BCW reserves the right to alter this prize package when needed, but changes will only be improvements to the package. Official judges at these events will also receive BCW promotional items.

BCW Deck Locker LX and Deck Guards

BCW Deck Locker LX and Deck Guards

For a qualified game shop to receive these prize packs and judge samples, please contact Ted Litvan, BCW Supplies Marketing Manager, using this contact form. Please provide the URL of the webpage describing the event, and let me know the number of judges at the event.