How to Protect Your Cards and Sports Memorabilia from UV Light

BCW Products with UV ProtectionVirtually the entire spectrum of solar light can contribute to the fading of colors and the deterioration of collectibles. To keep sports cards and memorabilia in mint condition, it’s recommended to keep them in a place that limits exposure to direct and indirect sunlight. The ultraviolet range of solar radiation, or UV light, is of high concern to collectors. According to the US Library of Congress, “ultraviolet rays can break down the chemical bonds and thus fade the color(s) in an object – it is a bleaching effect.”

To protect valuable trading cards from UV light, BCW offers the popular Pro-Mold Card Holders. All Pro-Mold items offer UV protection, except the plastic boxes and the legacy card holders that include the snap-tite and four screw screwdown. The card holders with UV protection are rated to block 98.5% to 99% of UV rays for 5 years or more. Pro-Mold also makes Baseball Squares rated for 5 years or more of UV protection and another Square rated for an amazing 25 years. The card holders and the 5-Year Baseball Squares are made from polystyrene with a UV absorbing additive, while the 25-Year Baseball Squares are made of acrylic with a UV absorbing additive. To confirm the shielding qualities of this UV protection, the Atlas Weathering Testing Group of DSET Laboratories reviewed the Pro-Mold products. See the results.

To protect collectible baseballs, footballs, basketballs and helmets from UV rays, BCW offers a line of BallQube display cases made from polystyrene with UV stabilizers. According to a K & N Labs analysis, BallQube cases with UV stabilizers block 98% of UV light in the 200 to 380 nanometer range.